Former executive at Twitter deems witty satire ‘dangerous’

Last week, the Knight Foundation hosted “Informed” — a “gathering” to hold discussions on “democracy in the digital age” — which was advertised as:

[A]n important opportunity for policymakers, researchers, and the private sector to discuss the latest trends and research in this emerging field, while strengthening relationships that lead to more informed policy in the public interest.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that federal/global governors, the bureaucracy, and Big Tech, all work together to best serve me.

What is the Knight Foundation? It’s a non-profit group, which touts itself as a collection of “social investors” who support a “more effective democracy” — it largely funds the field of journalism. Under the direction of its current president, Alberto Ibargüen:

In September 2017, the… Knight Foundation announced the Trust, Media and Democracy initiative to support the role of strong, trusted journalism as essential to a healthy democracy.

Now, if you had to make some educated assumptions as to the politics of this organization, what might you say?

Well the third session of “Informed” took place on Tuesday, November 29, where the topic at hand was “Research and Policy: Opportunities for a Shared Agenda”. During the day, the audience heard from Kara Swisher and Yoel Roth — Swisher is a tech journalist; Roth formerly served as the Head of Trust and Safety at Twitter, and resigned once Musk bought the company.

Watch the clip below (it’ll be time well spent) to see a bit of how the dialogue went:

Honestly, I’d say my favorite part was the opening of the snippet: Swisher preemptively informs the audience that what she’s about to say isn’t “particularly funny” because who knows, the forthcoming information could catch someone off guard and an eruption of laughter would be unacceptable! Then, in a completely monotone voice to downplay the priceless wit and one hell of a zinger, she reads the Babylon Bee headline, “The Babylon Bee’s Man of the Year is Rachel Levine” — then adds a sarcastic laugh and says “not funny.”

News flash, it was… hilarious. Gosh, they sure love to have a bad time!

Then it was Roths turn to speak, and “want[ed] to start by acknowledging” that:

The targeting and the victimization of the trans community on Twitter is very real, very life-threatening, and extraordinarily serious.

Speaking out violence against the trans community in the context of “dangerous” conservative-ran outlets like the Babylon Bee to actual violence, implies that conservatives are to blame for the violence. In reality, we all know that’s not accurate at all.

If I recall correctly, the accused of the recent Colorado drag show shooting is “non-binary” (not usually a politically conservative trait); and in 2020, the American Journal of Public Health published a study which found that “trans individuals” were 1.7x more likely to experience “intimate partner violence” — if someone is engaged in a sexual relationship with a “trans” person, I think it’s safe to say they’re much more likely to be politically left than politically right.

I wonder if Roth is as concerned with the sexual victimization of children, including but not limited to “gender-affirming healthcare” and pornography in schools? I seriously doubt it.

Oh, how could I forget? Read what a citizen journalist uncovered:

Yoel Roth made an entire career out of intellectualizing his homosexual fetishes - even writing his PhD dissertation on his random GRINDr encounters.

If you didn’t know, GRINDr is a hookup app aimed towards the Alphabet People (LGBTQ and whatever other letters are now officially part of the acronym).

If the left is so innovative and smart, why don’t they just create their own Babylon Bee, sharing the obscene and/or absurd from the “right” side of the aisle?

Oh that’s right, there’s no fodder! Objective morality, principled philosophy, and common decency — all hallmarks of true political conservatism  — aren’t the easiest to be mocked or derided.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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