Planned Parenthood director promotes pornography and declares newborns ‘sexual’ beings

Who is he? Well, he’s Bill Taverner, and he’s the executive director for the Planned Parenthood Center for Sex Education. He’s spoken before Congress, providing his “expert” opinion to influence decisions of public policy regarding issues of sex education, which, unsurprisingly, includes suggestions that you’d only expect from a pedophile.

According to a report published Friday, Taverner stated that “children of a certain age should be taught about pornography in sex education,” adding that the sex education curriculum for which he advocates ought to begin in kindergarten. Lastly, and here’s the crux of the perversion, but per Taverner, “we are all sexual beings from birth until death.” From birth?

Now where have we heard this before? Ahhh, Alfred Kinsey of course!

Kinsey, once lauded by The New York Times as the “Father of the Sexual Revolution” was perhaps the most prolific pedophile in modern history — “Table 34” from Kinsey’s research (government-sanctioned pedophilia), “detailed pedophilic exploits on children as young as five months old[.]” A report published last year stated:

Not only did Kinsey hypothesised [sic] that infants are orgasmic from birth [emphasis added], but he also suggested that incest relationships and paedophilia [sic] benefit children. In his writing, Kinsey asserted that there was no proven medical or other reason to forbid incest or adult-child sex.

Per his voyeurism of the sexual abuse, Kinsey claimed that “All orgasms are ‘outlets’ and equal between husband and wife, boy and dog, man and boy, girl, or baby? For there is no abnormality and no normality.”

(Interestingly, Kinsey hails from New Jersey, which is also home to Planned Parenthood’s Center which employs Taverner.)

In 2021, I had the chance to sit in on a committee hearing in Phoenix for Senate Bill 1456, which sought to protect school children from the type of sex curriculum promoted by people like Taverner. One of the testifying experts was a renowned psychologist who had worked with some of the country’s most notorious pedophiles — she asserted that sexual predators “love” this sort of instruction because it does the grooming for them. (Republican governor Doug Ducey went on to veto the bill when it arrived at his desk.)

Kinsey died in 1956, but he’s been resurrected, and he’s lurking everywhere: at media outlets; in your child’s school; at the pediatrician’s office; in big unions like the National Education Association; and surprise, surprise, at your local abortion mill.

Image: Unknown (Mondadori Publishers), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons, unaltered.

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