Biden whoops it up in St. Croix as Americans struggle

With our country in disarray, with high gas prices, high inflation, high unemployment, the worst GDP in decades, record illegal immigration, and a societal ideological crisis, Joe Biden decides that now is the best time to travel to the Virgin Islands for a holiday.

This is yet another vacation that President Decrepit has taken, refusing to work for the American people, even as all are struggling.

The main difference between President Trump and Joe Biden is that President Trump would tirelessly work for the American people, while Joe Biden will vacation for the American people, eating his ice cream.

The left constantly says they’re doing the work of the American people as if they would know what’s best for them. All they want is for you to abdicate your freedom, exchanging it for obedience to them.

Fox News reported on this very issue regarding Joe Biden’s vacation.

On its show “Outnumbered," the panelists slammed Biden for jetting to a billionaire donor's home in the U.S. Virgin Islands for the holidays while a severe winter storm ravaged the country.

Do you remember when Ted Cruz vacationed to Cancun, at a time when Texas was freezing? The left went ablaze. They launched attacks left and right at Ted Cruz and even at his family for that long-planned family trip.

However, those same people have left only the sound of crickets with regard to Joe Biden’s vacay to St. Croix, even as inflation has cost the average America $4,500 in earnings, meaning, no St. Croix for them.

What’s the difference between Joe Biden and Ted Cruz? In response to their vacations, Ted Cruz had no power to “regulate” or do anything in response to the freezing winter.

However, Joe Biden has the absolute authority as president to request legislation or get together with the governors of the affected states in order to provide federal assistance and curtail the effects of the freezing storm.

Yet, he refuses to help any more than he is willing to help at the border, where a crisis is happening at the same time.

I doubt Biden even knows he’s president, yet, his direct refusal to help the American people is not just hypocrisy, but total dereliction of duty.

Joe Biden has done nothing to help the United States.

On top of all, Joe Biden isn’t just traveling to a beach house, he’s staying over at a billionaire donor’s house, and he is no stranger to this among his billionaire donor crowd. So, at a time when America is being engulfed in crises, Joe Biden puts on his banal aviator glasses and says “sayonara, gotta go."

Is this leadership? No, it’s plain hypocrisy and an abnegation of his authority as president to do what it takes to better the lives of American citizens. Joe Biden is a total letdown to the United States. Biden is the epitome of a “bully,” someone who will tell you they’re helping you, and that they’re the best thing since sliced bread, and yet will go vacation and turn his back on you, as you are in pain and despair.

Joe Biden is the single worst president in American history.

Anthony Gonzalez is president of the conservative club at his high school.

Image: Meme, fair use // Know Your Meme

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