Another spending monstrosity for the American people to swallow

The $1.7-trillion omnibus spending bill has passed the United States Senate, with 18 GOP senators approving the bill.  This omnibus bill was released only several days ago, hence no one has read it, yet our politicians don't care.  Not only is this bill full of nonsensical provisions, but it will lead to higher inflation, making life harder for Americans.

This massive bill has several provisions, some futile, others propitious but extremely expensive.  For example, the bill includes $858 billion in defense, $45 billion for Ukraine, a TikTok ban, and an Electoral Count Act reform.  Of these, two make sense: the money for defense and the ban of TikTok.

Why are we spending such a monstrosity of money on defense?  Moreover, what has Ukraine done to deserve 40 billion more dollars?  These are questions worth asking.

The Electoral Count Act reform would clarify that the vice president cannot overturn the results of an election when Congress counts the electoral votes, and the bill would mandate an increase in the number of members needed to form an objection to a particular state's electors.  Wait a second.  I thought the vice president couldn't overturn the results of an election.  It was called a conspiracy, yet Democrats are trying to cloister such a possibility.  If the vice president can't, then why establish a law banning that possibility?  Undoubtedly, Democrats are trying to rig our election system.  Unfortunately, with the passing of this Bunyanesque bill, they are on their way to doing that.

As regards spending, there is no need for so much money.  Under President Trump, $738 billion was spent on our military.  We had the strongest military worldwide, and President Trump spent $100 billion less while producing more.  How about we spend less for more instead of spending more for less?

Ukraine will receive over $45 billion from the United States yet again.  Our politicians are prioritizing Ukraine over America.  In fact, this is a bipartisan agreement.  Senator Mitch McConnel recently stated that the "top priority" for Republicans is helping Ukraine defeat the Russians.  Really?  In a time of high inflation, high gas prices, record illegal immigration, a drug epidemic, and high unemployment, the top priority for Republicans is Ukraine.  Sure, Ukraine should have a right to exist — however, why are we providing Ukraine with such a profusion of money?  What has Ukraine done for us?

Above all, this omnibus spending bill, gigantic as it is, will lead to higher inflation and put Americans in a state of financial difficulty.  Is this putting your constituents first?  Of course not.  Politicians never care about the people who give them their power.

Overall, the omnibus spending bill, which 18 Republican senators supported, will sentence our country to financial doom.  We have become the bank of Ukraine, lending money whenever Ukraine asks, while ignoring the cries of our struggling citizens.  This isn't just one political party; rather, it's both.  Now Democrats are trying to rig our elections, permanently.  Our country is at great risk to become cancerous, and our politicians are just yearning to pull the plug.

Image: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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