Washington Post invents history to advance Palestinian narrative

In an article titled, Palestinian Israelis divided, disillusioned as election nears, the Washington Post invents history. The Post has the temerity to rename the Arab citizens of Israel as "Palestinian Israelis" to match the invented nationality of their Arab brethren in Gaza and the West Bank. It’s an exaggeration of an exaggeration! Not many Arabs in or around Israel called themselves Palestinians until the 1960's, and even then, there was no Palestinian nationality.

Apparently, the Post is trying to rename Arab Israelis as Palestinian Israelis to enhance the pro-Palestinian narrative of widespread opposition to Israeli rule, even though most Arab Israelis don't identify as Palestinians or have any desire to live in a future Palestinian state. The article uses the false label repetitiously, like a teacher in a reeducation camp.

The self-declared Palestinians who live in Gaza, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank are racially, spiritually, culturally, and linguistically no different from other Arabs in the Near East. They were collectively rebranded as “Palestinians” after the Six-Day War of 1967 to create the illusion of prior indigenous rights to the territory regarded by Jews for thousands of years as “The Land of Israel.” It was a stretch. There is not even a letter "P" in the Arab language to utter the word “Palestinian.” Of course, Arabs are called Arabs because they are from the Arabian Peninsula. They are not indigenous to Israel or anywhere else in the Eastern Mediterranean.

This name game has always been about one thing: trying to rid the Middle East of Israel and its Jewish inhabitants by falsely implying that the Jews stole the land from an indigenous population. The self-styled Palestinians have tried everything to destroy Israel. They have resorted to frequent wars, constant terrorism, legal attacks, economic boycotts, and political intimidation through their allies in the U.N. They refuse to negotiate a two-state solution because they don't want one. They want Israel.

Members of the fictitious State of Palestine would love to show proof of their ownership claim to the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. If only they could produce a treaty, an historical record, an archeological finding, or some other evidence. But there just isn't any

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