USA Today and shame

The headline in USA Today blares, "Herschel Walker's Senate run is a stain on American democracy."  The author, a self-identified Nigerian immigrant, proclaims that he feels "enormous shame for this country."  Perhaps he is unfamiliar with the really shameful politicians who populate the Democrat party.

Democrats are still trotting out Hillary Clinton, who perpetrated a massive fraud on the American people, supported by the sycophant media, about Russian collusion, which was perpetuated by a fake dossier.  The politicized, corrupt FBI then used that fake dossier to perpetrate a fraud on the FISA court as an excuse to destroy Trump and associates.  That is a threat to our democracy.

Hillary also funneled massive kickbacks to her family and foundation from foreign governments, and that is a great threat to our democracy.

It should be a stain, and people should be embarrassed that they still support Bill and Hillary, no matter how many women they physically and mentally abused.  They sought to destroy any woman who got in their way as they strive for power.  How many women and girls have been abused by powerful people because the media, entertainers, and other Democrats looked the other way as they supported the Clintons?

Joe Biden and family have taken massive kickbacks from foreign entities for years, and the truth was buried from the American people by the media as they campaigned for the clearly incompetent man.  That is a threat to our democracy.

And then there is Fetterman.  The media and other Democrats are supporting this clearly incompetent man, who is extremely lazy and who has accomplished little in his life.  He is a greater stain than Walker.

The media essentially support anyone with a "D'" behind his name, no matter how extreme and destructive his policies are.  That is a great threat to our democracy.

During this election cycle, many Democrats are pretending they are someone else.  Tim Ryan is pretending he is a moderate who supported Trump's policies.  N.Y. governor Kathy Hochul is pretending she has nothing to do with crime.  Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer pretends Michigan schools were closed for only three months.  Stacey Abrams and other Democrats are pretending they have never challenged election results.  The media and other Democrats are pretending their policies to destroy the energy industry have nothing to do with high prices.

The media are the greatest threat to our democracy, not people who challenge election results.  They run fake stories like Russian collusion for years to destroy people they disagree with.  They bury truthful stories about the Biden family corruption as they campaign for him.

Another great threat to our democracy is when we have a president and administration that refuse to enforce immigration laws that Congress passed and a media establishment that only minimally reports all the deaths and crimes that have occurred because of this abandonment of the law.  Kamala and Biden ignore the border as the media cheer unless they put out fake stories about border guards whipping illegals. 

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