Through Twitter, Democrats telegraph their last-ditch plan to save their midterms

Twitter, even in Elon Musk's hands, has been keeping busy on behalf of its Democrat masters.

So nobody should be surprised to see that the first thing the "disinformation" squads have us humble deplorables on their splash screen coming in is this notification about elections:

It fills your screen. It's hard to find the 'x' to click the page away and get to your own. You can't avoid the "messaging." And sure enough, it's exactly what Democrats these days are saying as they prepare a last-ditch effort to avoid a red wave wipeout.

The two items in that "message" are both big gaslights to voters under the rubric of "fact-checking." They are, in fact, efforts to "train" voters to learn to love the Democrat party line about the wonderfulness of mail balloting and extended counting, and ignore all the risks inherent to them. There's no free inquiry with such messages, just the incurious adamance that all elections are free and fair.

If you clink on the links to this forced message, you get a stream of mainstream media reports by reporters who've always been in bed with Democrats, and each claiming there's no such thing as election fraud.

Twitter's act is pretty much a disguised form of censorship. It presents a flood of "news items" from all the same kinds of news organizations, all of which have been tainted by bad reporting on other topics such as the Russia collusion hoax and yes, take hits to their credibility because of it.

It's also anti-Twitter. In putting out that forced screen, Twitter's minions are saying that they want this information shoved in the faces of readers and not the information Twitter's customers choose to follow on their feeds, pretty well negating the purpose of Twitter, which is to follow the news you want to follow and ignore the news you don't.

The messaging, meanwhile, is infuriating; utterly hostile to free inquiry, utterly monolithic, and utterly fact-free. Each and every news story featured on that Twitter click-through button behind it contain the monolithic message of "there's no such thing as election fraud" which is a mainstream media line, remarkably incurious in its certainty.

Polls show that the media is deeply distrusted by the public and grossly out of touch with the kind of news the public wants. I wrote this item here about that. So to see that kind of "news" foisted on readers is pretty well contrary to what the public wants, but they insist on coercively foisting it anyway. 

Basically, what's lacking in that monolith is reasonable inquiry. As I read that list of monolithic "no fraud stories" this is what they effectively presented:

Q. Couldn't a few elections be problematic? A. No, they are all clean. 

Q: Why is it that when election counts are extended and the Republican is ahead, they always flip at the last minute for the Democrat, getting that Democrat just over the victory line? It never works the other way around. A. Nothing to see here, move along.

Q. Why is it that countries like France and Brazil, one of which is comparable to the U.S. in development, and the other of which is comparable to the U.S. in population size and geography, can get their elections done in one night? A. Hey, count all the votes, it takes time. 

Q. Why is it that the U.S. used to be able to get its elections done in one night and now it can't? You call that progress? A. Of course it is. Count all the votes, see, because all the votes are valid. That's what ballot "curing" is for. And there's no such thing as cheating, except on the most miniscule levels, so don't worry your pretty little head about such things.

It's so dismissive, so fact-free, so likely to be refuted as facts do get out that it's simply junk shoved in our faces. Either answer the questions or keep that crap out of our faces. They don't answer the questions.

It's useful though, for one reason: It telegraphs what the Democrats are planning as the coming midterm gets ready to wipe them out.

We already know that Democrats, the Biden administration, and the social media giants have been collaborating for years, with the Biden administation actually sending word down about who is to get banned for "violating Twitter' rules" and standards of conduct. That's baked in the cake.

Now we learn that Democrats really want us to pay no attention to mail-in ballot irregularities, such as were shown in Dinesh D'Souza's documentary, "2,000 Mules," or the extended counting of ballots that will surely mean more Democrat "surprise" victories. These extended countings notify Democrat operatives of how many ballots they need to flip the election, and as last-minute ballots are "found," flip direction of the counting at the very end, leaving the Democrat the winner, always just over the victory line. It never works the other way around and the Republican ends up ahead, it's solely a Democrat ballot-counting phenomenon.

So with polls against them and a wipeout predicted, we now learn that the last-ditch plan of the Democrats appears to be to stuff the mailboxes and extend the counting until the Democrat wins. 

What Twitter would like us to do is accept that, become incurious, turn into automatic robots in our accepting of the unacceptable and learn to love the Democrat party line.

We see this not just on Twitter but in other matters, such as Joe Biden's director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Jen Esterley, trying to soothe voters with the same sort of message that Twitter is delivering for the Democrats, to not worry about election irregularities.

According to Matt Margolis at PJMedia:

“There are going to be errors, there are going to be glitches — it happens in every election,” Easterly said while speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies symposium Tuesday. “But that’s why there are multiple layers of security controls and resilience built into the system.”

In addition to conditioning the public to expect “glitches,” she also instructed the mainstream media to stick to the Biden administration narrative.

“So, to the media, that’s where I really want to ask for everybody’s help, because these things are going to happen,” Easterly continued. “Somebody will forget their key to the polling place. A water pipe will burst. These are normal things. They’re not nefarious. It’s super important that folks get the word out on how elections work.”

 Pay no attention to that water pipe burst story, see. That's because there's no such thing as a Democrat diverting attention with a fake report of a broken water pipe to stuff the ballot boxes off camera, is there?

Nope, we're all supposed to just swallow the "irregularities," which is a fancy word for cheating.

The Democrats are desperate and now we see their plan -- to dull the public to their coming plans to rig and cheat, and call it all normalcy.

One can only hope that the victory of their GOP opponents is so big they can't cheat either through mail or extended counting.

But there's no excuse for this kind of Twitter behavior intended to dull the public to real problems in the election system and promote the Democrat party line.

 Image: Twitter screen shot

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