There is no honor among thieves

The American public has been polled about the 2020 election and only 25% were willing to express  confidence that it was “fair and honest.” That means the remaining 75% feel it was stolen, had no opinion, or were unwilling to respond.

The current election is looking even more corrupt, if that's possible. At this moment, there are fences and barricades around the election counting offices in Maricopa County, Arizona along with sheriff's deputies on the roof.

What are they afraid of? What are they hiding?

The Gateway Pundit has exposed scores of irregularities that call the entire electoral process into question. Who disabled 20-30% of the tabulators in the Republican stronghold of Maricopa County? Who made sure there was a shortage of ink in 20% of their printers?

What has happened to the many thousands of provisional ballots that were dropped into unsecured boxes to be “counted later?” Who told workers to hand out sharpies again that are known not to be readable by the scanners?

What happened to the cameras in Washoe County, Nevada? How come there are repeated “ballot dumps” late at night where the Democrat candidate gets 100% of the vote?

But there's a flaw in the Democrat plan that is worth discussion. The amount of coordination involved in nationwide electoral corruption and the number of people needed to carry out each scheme is immense. In just this one tabulation center in Arizona there are probably over 100 workers, all of whom know that illegal activities are going on.

The problem is that when it comes to corruption, there is no honor among thieves. While some cheaters are all for the Democrat cause and are trying to “save the planet” or “rid the world of the evil Orange Man,” most do the cheating because they are paid or coerced. At some point they realize that they know too much. If they are arrested, they'll spill the beans, but many may fear their leadership knows the risk of having too many people who know the truth.

We've seen lots of mysterious deaths labeled as “accidents” in the political world. If the media is unwilling to look into the circumstances and the authorities squash the investigations, you end up with a perfect crime.

Now that the Republicans are close to winning the House of Representatives, they will finally have subpoena power to compel witnesses to testify. This might explain why the Democrats are so willing to do anything to cheat in the elections this time around.

Already dozens of people from the FBI alone have come forward as whistleblowers to Senator Chuck Grassley. Who else is in contact with him and other Republican leaders preferring to save their own skins rather than doing time in prison while the people who are pulling the strings are getting away scot-free?

When the Republicans take power in the House (and possibly even the Senate) they need to embark on a campaign to encourage whistleblowers at all levels to come forward with what they know. Systems can be set up to protect themselves and their families from physical harm. Republican governors need to follow the lead of Florida and streamline the voting process and restore the safeguards that have worked so well in the past.

It's typical that the Democrats claim to be “protecting democracy” while all of their election changes serve to make cheating easier and more undetectable. Whenever there is a close race, the ballots that appear at the end of the counting seem to almost always favor the Democrat candidate.

The last irony is that Democrats themselves have suffered from vote cheating in their own primaries. The “connected candidates” like Obama and Hilary won close races while upstarts like Bernie Sanders lost out.

How would Democrats like a world where the person they vote for in their primary is dumped by the leadership while the loser is pushed over the general election finish line with hundreds of millions of PAC dollars and shenanigans at ballot counting time?

Voter fraud is an issue that affects all Americans of all races and religions. Without fair elections we are no better than medieval serfs, being told by our masters how to conduct every aspect of our lives.

Image: Thomas Nast 

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