Plagiarized: Defenders of the West

The following notice is to serve as a warning that my book, Defenders of the West: The Christian Heroes Who Stood against Islam, is being plagiarized and sold on Amazon.

The fake version was published on Aug. 3, 2022 -- one week after the release date of my official version (July 26).  It appears under the author name of “Michael Johnson.”  The cover of the book, which is identical to the cover of the real book, has both this Johnson’s name, followed by my own, on it, implying that it was co-written by us (see accompanying image).


For the record, I neither know this Johnson (if that is his real name), nor have I given him or anyone else permission to publish any part of Defenders of the West.

Johnson’s book is an outright act of plagiarism.

Moreover, it’s about half as long as the authorized version, and, based on the only (1 – star) review, its contents are a travesty.

Buyers be warned.  If you wish to purchase Defenders of the West on Amazon, here is the correct version.  Other legitimate sellers of the authorized version appear here.

My publisher is currently in contact with Amazon on Johnson’s plagiarized version.

Image: Raymond Ibrahim

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