The rabid hypocrisy of the Democrats

"And what sort of lives do these people, who pose as being moral, lead themselves? My dear fellow, you forget that we are in the native land of the hypocrite." 

―Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

From the moment Donald Trump came down that escalator in 2015, the left has been doing everything in its power to destroy the man.  They were certain the fix was in, that a Clinton victory was in the bag, but they underestimated Trump's popularity, and he won in spite of all the fraud they had put in place.  Once elected, they doubled down on their obsession to see him impeached, ruined, or even jailed.  They never let up for a moment.  For seven years, the left has been obsessed with laying waste to Trump.  All their ploys have been egregious — none so ridiculous as blaming him for what happened on January 6, 2020. 

As the record clearly shows, President Trump was still speaking when the violence broke out.  He closed his talk with "let's go peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol."  But that violence was a set-up.  Like the dry-run attempted kidnapping of Gov. Whitmer, I believe that the crowd that day was chock-full of professional instigators, FBI agents disguised as Trump supporters, including the mysterious Ray Epps, whose actions the night before and on that day have never been explained.

We know that Speaker Pelosi refused to provide the 10,000 National Guard troops that Trump had offered.  Why?  They would have interfered with the plan to create a riot that would be blamed on Trump.  The Guard were called in after the fact, made to sleep in a parking structure, and stripped of their weapons!  In short, they were just for show.  Pelosi spent millions on fencing, as if hordes of savages were about to set upon the elites of the swamp, far too many of whom are overly self-important abject cowards.  Then the FBI was tasked with hunting down anyone who happened to be present that day, whether or not he entered the Capitol.  Many of those who did go into the building were ushered in by Capitol police.  That is on video so it cannot be denied.

The FBI arrested hundreds of innocent protesters and has kept many of them in dismal conditions, where they are denied medical care, essential hygiene, and proper food.  They are grossly mistreated by the prison guards.  The swamp has descended into the realm of cruel tyranny.  What has happened to many people, from the moments their homes were raided by teams of armed FBI agents to when many of them have been sentenced to terms in prison far beyond what they deserve, is the shame of our nation.  In the meantime, violent criminals throughout the country are being released onto the streets without bail, free to re-commit crimes again and again.  The American system of justice under the Biden administration is upside-down, perverse, and unscrupulous.

Now that the Republicans have won back the House, members among them have vowed to investigate the Biden family's many and serious seeming crimes of corruption.  The Democrats are melting down.  How dare they?  Apparently, not one of them sees the irony of accusing said Republicans of malfeasance when they have left no stone unturned in their efforts to get Trump on something, anything, for the last seven years. 

When asked about the pending special counsel probe, KJP struggles to utter a non-answer.  It is almost as if she never expected to be asked such a troublesome question.  The rest of the left is equally stunned that the Republicans, any of them, would do such a thing.  These people are so blinkered by their own ideological sense of superiority that they cannot see how egregiously hypocritical they themselves are.  Pelosi threw Republicans she did not like off committees, but at the suggestion that the House majority may do the same, Democrats are sputtering in rage and fury.  In their minds, they can lie, cheat, and steal in furtherance of their cause, but if their opponents operate similarly, they are acting in bad faith.

The left's hypocrisy runs deep.  They can't stop spewing their fear that if Republicans win in 2024, if Trump were to win again, that would be the "end of democracy."  Nancy Pelosi excuses every horrible Democrat policy, like open borders, with her overused bromide "it's for the children."  Someone should tell her how many children are being trafficked thanks to Biden's importation of millions of migrants from all over the world.  They conveniently forget or ignore the fact that the U.S. is a representative republic, and that democracy means legitimate elections, not carefully constructed ways for just one side to win. 

They claim to believe in our republic's Constitution and its Bill of Rights, but freedom of speech is only for them.  The Biden administration is actively and relentlessly censoring information of which it disapproves, whether it be about COVID, vaccines, election integrity, or any truth it wants to conceal from the public, like the Hunter Biden laptop, for example.  Had the truths secreted on that device been made public, Biden most assuredly would not have been elected, all cheating aside. 

The Biden family is perhaps the most corrupt political family in U.S. history.  When the truth does seep out despite the media's prodigious efforts to bury it, the American people will be shocked.  The left can be so cavalierly disingenuous — bury the crimes of the Bidens and use the legal system to endlessly harass and torment President Trump and his supporters.  That is their modus operandi.  What is OK for me is not OK for thee.  That is their mantra. 

There are more of their blatant double standards when it comes to Twitter and any blogs or sites that buck their approved narrative.  How dare Elon Musk promise to bring back free speech?  They demand that tweets by people they don't like be banned; the DOJ regularly meets with the social media to discuss who must not be seen or heard.

They refuse to acknowledge that opinions by medical experts that deviate from Fauci's might be viable so must be banned; their articles must be labeled misinformation even though they surely know by now that the vaccines have caused much harm.  They are determined that dissident doctors should have their medical licenses revoked, and their careers ruined, even though in the end, they were all right!  Ivermectin does work.  Natural immunity works.  The vaccines do not prevent the transmission of COVID.  Children were never at risk. 

That is why the Atlantic's Emily Oster begged for "amnesty" for the millions of people who abused dissenters with contempt and name-calling during the faux pandemic.  Her view is that the millions of persons harmed by the lockdowns, vax mandates, shuttered businesses, etc. should forgive their oppressors, their censors, and their medical tyrants, for they did not know any better at the time.  Not going to happen. 

The left has perpetrated a crime against humanity, probably in order to implement their absurd "great reset."  Those who drove it will live in infamy — from the governors who saw that thousands of elderly people died in nursing homes, alone, to the teachers' unions that saw to it that the schools in some states were closed for two years.  There will be no forgiveness, no amnesty.

Now the viciously partisan A.G. Garland has chosen another pit bull in the Andrew Weissmann vein as special counsel to further investigate Trump in order to prevent him from running for office again.  Jack Smith, a Lois Lerner acolyte, is a veteran of the IRS scandal that targeted Tea Party groups. He gleefully took out potential Republican candidate Bob McDonnell and was unanimously overturned 8-0 by SCOTUS.  (Scalia had just died.)  Like the make-up of the J6 committee, Trump-haters all, this could not be more unfair, more devious on its face.  The hypocrisy of the Democrats and their mind-numbed partners in the media is beyond the pale.  They abuse the power they have and do not deserve to wield it over anyone, least of all the American people. 

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