The Democrats did it again

Well, they've done it again.  The Democrats brazenly stole another election.

"Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner." 

―James Bovard

As all the pieces fall into place, it all seems obvious now.  COVID was a flu, perhaps engineered in a lab, that the globalist/anti-Trump left weaponized, exaggerated, and used to drastically change how Americans vote in order to benefit Democrats.  It was all about defeating Trump; he was way too popular and doing far too much to help the middle- and working-class people.  The left has nothing but disdain for middle- and working-class people.  But leftists can never win without cheating; they've been doing it for a hundred years.  In the run up to the 2020 election, they developed numerous illicit strategies and employed them all: Zuckerberg's and Soros's billions, Mark Elias's devious state-to-state plan to impose countless new de-regulations on voting, using COVID as the reason.  These "laws" were imposed by fiat, not by those state's legislators. 

Then, on Election Night 2020, they stopped counting the votes when Trump was clearly winning and came up with millions of probably pre-planned-for illegal ballots — fake ballots, votes attributed to dead people, votes cast by non-citizens, ballots stuffed into those drop boxes paid for by Zuckerberg and Soros.

These are not decent people, the Democrats who have made this happen — again.  They harvested ballots and stuffed drop boxes.  Then they slow-walked the vote-counting in order to defeat GOP candidates in the usual states; slow-walking the count always results in a Democrat win.  Hmmm.

The entire operation is an embarrassment for the United States.  When it comes to elections, we are now officially a third-world country. 

One might ask, how do these people look at themselves in the mirror?  They are thrilled with their own malevolence, their devious cleverness, even though it is clear to every sentient person on the planet that they cheated.  They are proud of themselves.  These are venomous people.  They believe themselves to be superior to anyone who disagrees with them and so are entitled to cheat any and every way open to them.  Drop boxes, mail-in ballots, and manipulable vote machines are their weapons of the mass destruction of American election integrity. 

Nearly eighty percent of Americans believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction under Biden, yet we are to believe that more than half of them voted for more of the same?  The Democrats who have been behind in the polls for months have won after two weeks of "ballot-counting," as opposed to vote-counting?  We are to believe that wholly unqualified candidates like Fetterman and Hobbs won, both of whom either refused to debate or acquitted themselves poorly if they did debate?  The same goes for Hochul and Whitmer.  Did their constituents really vote for more crime?  More COVID nonsense?  Each of them has been terrible in office and terrible in her debate.  There is no way those candidates won fair and square. 

Trump's win in 2016, despite all their cheating, their hoaxes, their attempts to destroy the man by any means necessary, put the Democrats and the Trump-deranged among the RINO class over the edge.  They doubled down on fraud and deceit.  They spent millions and millions of dollars to defeat Republican candidates throughout the nation, more if Trump had endorsed them.  So now we will have a Congress with many members as illegitimate as Biden is as president.  Our government now is no more legitimate than China's, Ukraine's, Brazil's or Venezuela's.

Aside from the obvious cheating, there is plenty of blame to go around for the GOP losses.  Mitch McConnell sought to defeat candidates who were endorsed by Trump.  He is a blight on the GOP and yet was re-elected to his leadership position on Wednesday.  What is his hold over those who voted for him?  This is a man with 7% approval among Republicans.  He is a man without character, a man with only a lust for the power he has long enjoyed.  He refused to support Blake Masters and Adam Laxalt because he knew they would not support his position as majority leader.  He supported the ultimate RINO, Lisa Murkowski, because he knew she would support him; he knew that her opponent, Kelly Tshibaka, would not.  McConnell is as craven as the worst of the cheating Democrats.  The Republican senators who voted to keep him as leader have exposed themselves as toadies of the worst RINO of all.  McConnell cheated all Republican voters out of several of the best reps ever to run for office, all for his own benefit.

Is Kevin McCarthy a McConnell, a Boehner, a Paul Ryan?  That remains to be seen.  He got a vote of confidence on Tuesday; time will tell if he deserves it.  What we need is a Newt Gingrich, not another collaborator with the left like Boehner and Ryan, both members in good standing of the swamp.  It seems we have perhaps already learned who among the GOP members of Congress are swamp-dwellers and who among them are honest brokers for their constituents.

But cheating to win is the Democrats' métier, their privilege, their birthright.  Bottom line?  The Democrats just stole another election, and they did it with pride, without a shred of guilt.  What is their "cause"?  As Obama often said, the transformation of America — from what the Founders created into a communist state under the auspices of a one-world government led by the likes of Klaus Schwab and his acolytes of the WEF.  The Democrats of the left have made it abundantly clear who they are, what their goals are.  "We will own nothing and be happy."

It should be clear to all Americans by now that the Democrats are opposed to the freedoms of speech and religion, opposed to the Second Amendment, in favor of medical tyranny (mandated experimental vaccines) and censorship of any speech they oppose, and are in favor of energy restriction for everyone but themselves.  They support unrestricted abortion, no cash bail for even violent criminals, gun confiscation from law-abiding citizens, sexual grooming of very young children, transgenderism — the drugging and mutilation of children suffering from gender dysphoria, a mental illness.  They are enemies of our once great nation.

Trump was and remains the most dangerous challenge to their agenda.  They will stop at nothing to destroy him.  His intention to run again has them addled and desperate.  They even want to make it illegal for him to run again!  

They fear Trump because he is everything they are not.  He loves the country and all of its citizens, not just the nest of swampy globalists who make up our wholly corrupt government and who look out only for themselves.  This is why they have no qualms about cheating.  Their sole interest is their own wealth and power. 

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves." 

—Edward R. Murrow

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