She said, trans said

As my late mother used to say:  "El mundo esta mas loco todos los dias".   It loosely translates to the world gets crazier everyday.

Check this out from National Review:

Trans activists disrupted a protest to preserve women’s spaces at New York City Hall on Monday morning, threatening the assembled feminists and scuffling with police.   

Soon after the protest began, counter-protesters crashed the “Let Women Speak” event and started pushing against a police barricade that was erected to protect the feminist demonstrators. The U.K.-based group — whose mission, according to its website, is to “foster a community in which all women feel empowered to speak” — held the Manhattan protest to cap off a fall tour of the U.S.

The NYPD confirmed to National Review that nine people were arrested amid the mayhem, with charges pending, though the department would not reveal whether those arrested were feminist protesters or transgender activists intent on disrupting the event.

The trans side distributed leaflets ginning up counter-protests:

YouTube screengrab (cropped)

The "Let Women Speak" feminist side, aka, "Team reality."

YouTube screengrab

The event was not very ladylike, or at least not how I was raised to treat ladies.  For example, a "trans" yelled a 4-letter word obscenity at a woman on the other side of the march.  As you would expect, the trans vocabulary included references to Nazis, fascists, racists etc.  I cannot confirm it but I'm pretty sure that someone was accused of voting for Trump.

The clash gave us some killer quotes

“Females are not a gender identity, get it through your damn heads,” a feminist protester said into a microphone behind the wall of police."

The followup was just as good:   

“I do not have empathy for men who lie about their sex. You’re a man and you’ll always be.”

Well, some good banter for sure.  Also, further evidence of what happens to a society that can't define what a man and a woman are.  It used to very simple, but it’s a lot more complicated lately.   After all, what do you expect would happen if a Supreme Court Justice cannot define what a woman is because she is not a biologist?  Who knew that you had to be a biologist to know what a woman is? 

Don't you miss the good old days when you'd argue with your liberal friends about national security and economic policy?  Those were the days, my friend.  It's all about gender and climate change with the other side these days.

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