Mexico features Philadelphia blue-city drug chaos in public service ad as a warning of 'what not to do'

Once upon a time, Mexico admired the United States so much it named itself after us and modeled its constitution on that of the U.S: The official name of Mexico is still the United Mexican States.

Today? Not so much. The U.S. under one-party leftist rule is now a cautionary tale of 'what not to do,' and being featured in Mexican government public service ads.

According to the Daily Mail:

The Mexican government is using video of homeless people and open-air drug users in Philadelphia's troubled Kensington neighborhood in a national ad campaign to try to scare young people away from drugs.

Jesús Ramírez, the spokesman for Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, proudly presented the ad series Tuesday, saying the campaign 'seeks to inform young people of the damage caused to health by the consumption of chemical drugs.' 

Ramírez did not respond to repeated requests for comment as to where the government got the Philadelphia videos or why they used them in ads aimed at a Mexican audience.

Fox News has video clip that features most of the ad and some commentary:

So in other words, the Mexicans are seeing what we see and what Democrats don't see, which is that Democrat one-party blue rule in big cities creates chaotic drug-addicted dumps.

They don't want that for Mexico, any more than east Asian countries such as China, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore do, swiftly executing drug dealers to make sure their countries don't become drug hellholes. Mexico instead is using U.S. failure to enforce its drug and vagrancy laws as a cautionary tale -- which might just tamp down open-border immigration as a side effect.

Which is sorry stuff, the U.S. being held up internationally as an example of failure, a warning of what not to do, just as Venezuela is held up as an example of the effects of one-party-state socialism. We expect this kind of thing with Venezuela. It's pretty significant that now we're the example of what-not-to-do, a monstrous cautionary tale of the failure of Democrat one-party rule.

A Fox News commentator named Jennifer Stefano of the Philadelphia Inquirer blames Mexico itself for its role in allowing cartels to let fentanyl across the open U.S. border, and after that improbably claims the war on drugs is behind the Philly chaos as a result, strangely claiming that the U.S. jails drug users instead of puts them into treatment -- even as the video itself offers concrete evidence that actually, nobody's being busted, drugs are effectively legal in Philly. After that, she goes on to talk about Soros-funded district attorneys who don't bother to enforce drug laws -- which is exactly what she wants, which is to drop the war on drugs. Yes, that's what Soros D.A.s are doing. The whole thing is emblematic of the fact that few understand in Philly what is going on, which is one reason why they can't do anything about it. 

But in Mexico, the video speaks for itself. Philly is run by leftists. The result of that one-party rule is a dump.

We already have indicators that the ads may resonate. Hispanic voters, many of whom have recent and ongoing ties to Mexico, have moved sharply toward the GOP in recent elections. Many of the reasons cited have been wokester education, jobs, inflation, kitchen table concerns. But drugs and crime are likely a very big one -- and these ads being run in Mexico are being done because the public is receptive to such a message. The Mexican public is completely disgusted and repelled by such activity and same as the citizens of Singapore and elsewhere, doesn't want that chaos and disorder imported into their country.

So now we have America as a beacon not of liberty and prosperity, but of what-not-to-do. Seems our prosperity and freedom are no longer a sign of our country, our social decay and chaos now are. And this is not like the old Soviet propaganda which was largely made up of lies -- all of the scenes in Philadelphia are perfectly true.

Call that progressivism in action. What a hell of a transformation that is. Leftists who have turned these cities in hellholes and now have become an international cautionary beacon to the world can now stand up and take a bow.

Image: Screen shot from Fox News video, via YouTube.  

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