Replacing ‘get woke, go broke’ with ‘get pedophilic, go broke’

What started with cherubic toddlers toting sadism-inspired fashion gear has quickly devolved into perhaps the most eye-opening and sickening scandal of the year. A post-Covid world is a world of revelation. We’ve witnessed undercover and predatory groomers boast about their access to unsuspecting kindergartners; we’ve seen parents arrested for speaking out against pornographic material in school libraries and classrooms; and we’ve heard our public officials declare that our progeny belong to them.

We knew they were coming for our children, but did we really? Well, everything is completely exposed now.

Spanish fashion house Balenciaga was not a household name, until this week. Images from a recent marketing campaign went viral, because the overt tone was one of sexualization and fetishization of preschool-aged children, despite The New York Times chalking the “firestorm” up to conspiracy theories — the paper actually ran a headline that read “When High Fashion and QAnon Collide”.

In one shot, a toddler stands on a couch, surrounded by empty wine glasses and meticulously arranged bondage accessories, including a leather collar and a dog bowl; another shows a different child standing on a bed next to a rubber mat and a chain leash — both children hold teddy bears adorned in BDSM-kink accessories.

Sounds bad right? Well, it gets worse.

Additional images taken from the company website depict a table strewn with papers, including court documents regarding “virtual child porn” — but hey, they were just props, it was purely coincidental; suggesting intentionality makes you a conspiracy theorist.

More details emerged, highlighting the brand’s affiliation with “it girl” and designer, Lotta Volkova. See some of Volkova’s now-deleted social media posts below [GRAPHIC WARNING]:

Public outrage against the images beat Balenciaga into submission; or did it? In response to the outcry, the fashion house removed the images, and remarketed the teddy bear accessories in advertisements that featured adults — but still included pedophilic and satanic content.

Writing for Evie Magazine, Gina Florio said:

Balenciaga replaced the children’s pictures with adult models who are wearing the new clothing while in an office. The photos look normal enough upon first glance… But if you look closely, you can see a stack of books….

So what were the books? Florio goes on:

Be warned before you Google this book—the paintings in this book are very disturbing and feature toddlers running around naked, looking at and holding bloody, severed body parts. Many of the kids are covered in blood. There are also drawings of children dressed in occult-like costumes, wearing all black with hoods that cover their face and entire head. One of the drawings features a circle of children gathered around a large rodent who is presumably going to be sacrificed. Other images include an adult wearing the same black, hooded outfit and holding the hands of a minor with the same outfit. Other work by [Michael] Borremans features adult men walking around with their heads and faces completely covered, exchanging bloody body parts and eating them.

The description of this book reads: ‘Fire from the Sun includes small- and large-scale works that feature toddlers engaged in playful but mysterious acts with sinister overtones and insinuations of violence.’

Another book on the table which includes “dystopian pictures” of an eerie figure gnawing on something bloody, which is intended to depict the “cremaster muscle.” As Florio points out, the “cremaster muscle” has to do with the male reproductive system. Furthermore, she writes:

…there’s no denying that there’s an intentional, coordinated effort to incorporate dark, sinister themes of pedophilia and cannibalism into the world of high fashion.

The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t erase with it the transgressions, proclivities, and spirit of its debased inhabitants — the same debauched perversions present during the time of Lot and Abraham is present still today. In conjunction with other societal trends, the most obvious assessment of the situation is a reality in which modern Sodomites are more prevalent than we’d like to think. But remember, saying that gives over to dangerous conspiracy, because it’s nothing more than edgy, pushing-the-boundaries fashion.

If Balenciaga’s campaign and choice of “creators” isn’t just the biggest testament to the truth of a fallen and depraved humanity, I don’t know what is.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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