Obituaries for the GOP and Trump are extremely premature

I had to wait almost three weeks to write this piece since some states can't complete their vote count in a timely manner.

It appears Republicans will end up with 222 seats in the House, exactly the same as the Democrat majority the last two years.   In 2022, Republicans flipped 18 Democrat-held seats red and Democrats flipped six seats blue, yet the talking points are that the Republicans lost and must change their policies because they didn't win as many seats as projected. 

In 2020, Democrats were projected to win seats in the House yet Republicans flipped fifteen seats red and Democrats only flipped three seats. I do not recall the media calling Pelosi and other Democrats losers who must change their policies. Essentially, they acted like their policies were extremely popular and they had a mandate to get rid of Trump's policies that had worked so well.  As soon as Biden took office, he reversed Trump's immigration and energy policies with a stroke of his pen and the massive inflation and incursion at the border began.

In 2022, Republicans got almost five million more votes in Senate races than Democrats, and in the House around 4.4 million more votes. This is after Biden won seven million more votes in 2020. That certainly doesn't give any indication that Biden's policies are popular and the Republican policies aren't. Nothing in these statistics indicate a loss by Republicans. or that Trump's endorsements depressed the Republican results.

There have been eleven midterm elections since 1980. In 6 of them the President in power lost more seats than in 2022 and in four they lost less or picked up seats. 2022 is approximately in the middle. Why is that considered a catastrophe for Trump and the Republicans? Predictions mean nothing!. 


Representative Jim Clyburn clearly believes the voters are stupid and that Biden's policies are extremely popular. They don't even understand that their bank accounts are coming up short. 


Clyburn: People ‘in Love with’ Biden’s Agenda ‘When They Look at Their Bank Accounts’ But That Doesn’t Show up in Polls

Small business owners don't understand that their bank accounts are in good shape when 41% can't pay their rent.

The White House even sent out talking points for Thanksgiving to say how great they are because clearly people don't understand how great Biden and his policies are. Thank goodness our friends, who are extremely liberal, did not use these points when we dined with them. 

White House ridiculed over Thanksgiving political talking points for ‘that Uncle’

Here are some talking points that most of the media must get because most of them regurgitate the same messages:


  • When Democrats don't pick up House Seats as expected, or lose seats, that has nothing to do with their policies. Nothing has to change. 
  • When Republicans don't pick the number of seats as expected they are losers who must change their unpopular policies. 
  • When Democrats lose elections, they can challenge them and the electoral vote. They will be supported by the media. They will never be called election deniers who want to destroy democracy. 
  • Republicans are not allowed to challenge elections no matter how many states violate their election laws The media will set out to destroy them as election deniers who want to destroy our Republic. 
  • It is OK if Democrats, like the Clintons and Bidens, line their pockets with millions in kickbacks from foreign countries for doing nothing other than having political power. There is nothing to see. Republicans will be told not to investigate. 
  • If Republicans like the Trumps own hotels and happen to rent rooms to foreign parties, that will be treated as a criminal act that must be investigated. 
  • No matter how wrong climate predictions are, we will be told the science is settled and Americans must submit to the intentional destruction of industries that have made the U.S the richest country in the World in less than 250 years. 

People who truthfully say the climate is and has always changed cyclically and naturally will be called climate change deniers to silence them and to intentionally mislead the public.


It is quite a success to pick up 24 seats in two years when most of the media is campaigning for Democrats and their radical, unpopular, destructive policies and when they are willing to mislead the public every day to destroy Republicans. It is a shame that so many RINOs and other Republicans are acting as if we lost the election instead of taking over the House.

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