China descends into a COVID lockdown hellscape

China has always been a brutal communist tyranny, a giant prison where some 11 million people have fled who were able to, just in 2019 alone.

But it seems the 34,000 COVID cases in the country have been enough to put the entire nation of one billion into a lockdown prison -- of mankind's worst nightmare.

When they say 'lockdown,' they mean literally welding people's apartments shut -- with the people in them.

There are plenty more different video clips like these in this piece by PJMedia's Ben Bartee, who observes:

Fueled by the obstinate inertia of the Chinese Communist Party — which would view backtracking on policy it has so publicly fully committed to as an unacceptable loss of face (an important and often misunderstood concept in Asian culture) — the government’s brutal “Zero COVID” policy runs full steam ahead.

The resulting images — the handful that leak out of China’s infamous internet firewall — shock the conscience. Science fiction isn’t so imaginative in its depictions of futuristic dystopia.

His videos feature white-suited goons beating resisters for the sake of "health," communist drones spraying unidentified chemicals over cities, rebellions in various cities against the white-suited goons, and concentration camps going up in the name of "Zero COVID."

Meanwhile, in a recent incident, an apartment full of people in Urumqi, capital of the western, Muslim Xinjiang province, was left to burn because firemen were not allowed to cross the quarantine area. They just let the apartment burn then, and too bad about the people inside. Protests there were huge -- and sufficient for communist party operatives to lighten COVID restrictions, reportedly, but given what is going on all across China now, this was for show.

Protests have engulfed at least seven major Chinese cities, according to the Daily Mail -- Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Urumqi, Zhengzhou, and others, all against COVID lockdowns, with the big one going on in Shanghai, where the locals are openly demanding the ouster of China's supreme leader, Xi Jinping.

It shows two things: That China, that nation whose model the World Economic Forum's leader, Klaus Schwab, has claimed more nations will follow, is and has always been a communist hellhole. What China is doing now is little different from what they did before there were cell phone cameras to record them. The COVID restrictions, which are beyond draconian, are not to contain the spread of disease, which they created, but to control the people. They are who they are, and leopards do not change their spots.

Second, it shows that this is a regime in trouble. It's said that hated dictatorships usually expire after about 75 years, and based on recent history -- e.g. Soviet Union, PRI Mexico -- that's about right. China, established as communist in 1948, is hopping up right around year 75, in 2023. The scale of mass protests across China and the incredible effort to repress the people signals something is very wrong in China. One wrong move and the house of cards may go down. That would explain the repressiveness seen -- even as it fuels more and more discontent.

As for us, well, remember that Schwab and a host of others -- Tom Friedman, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton -- have heaped praise on the communist hellhole. Joe Biden, entangled with dirty money from that country, has continuously excused them. They want what the Chicoms have, which is power. They should be blasted for this throughout the civilized world, what is going on now, or they will continue to adopt that model to foist on us, even if China goes down in flames.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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