More about that famously 'impartial' Trump prosecutor, Jack Smith

After a long speech droning on about "impartial and determined," "integrity," and "highest standards of professionalism" of the appointment of Jack Smith as special prosecutor for Getting Trump, Attorney General Merrick Garland sounds a little phony about that right now.

Latest news about Smith from Newsweek:

Newly appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith is married to a documentary filmmaker who worked on a 2020 film about former first lady Michelle Obama and donated to President Joe Biden's 2020 campaign.

Katy Chevigny worked as a producer on Becoming, according to IMDb, while publicly available records from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show her previous campaign donations.

Chevigny and Smith were married in 2011 and their wedding was reported in the "Class Notes" section of the winter 2012 Harvard Law Bulletin. Smith received his J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1994.

Perhaps they can make the argument that Smith just happens to be married to a leftist with close enough ties to the Obamas that Michelle Obama would allow her to make a documentary about her.  You know, the way Andrew McCabe supposedly never had anything to do with that big donation to his wife's Virginia statehouse campaign as a left-wing Democrat. 

But it's kind of dubious.  The big-dollar donation and the connections for the film-making, not to mention the money it brought the household, pretty well tell us that these are Democrat operatives here, even as Smith claims to be a political independent.

That's belied by the fact that somehow, he seems to go after only Republicans in his storied career as a prosecutor — a man who, as Garland claimed, would "independently manage an investigation and prosecution" "in the public interest" with "commitment to both independence and accountability" and "indisputably guided only by the facts and the law"; a "veteran career prosecutor"; a former "chief of the public integrity section"; a man with a "reputation as an impartial and determined proscutor"; a man who will "follow the facts wherever they lead"; a man of the "highest standards of professionalism" — "with integrity," of course, because it's the "right thing to do," and Smith is the "right choice to handle this matter in an even-handed and urgent manner."

This from the guy who led a prosecution that was so flawed against Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell that the Supreme Court, on an 8-0 vote, threw it out, and the Department of Justice declined to retry him?  If there were something there, they should have been able to retry him, but there were significant problems with the whole costly mess, which in any case, got them what they wanted: the ruin of McDonnell's political career, even though he was guilty of nothing.  That's a political prosecution.

Worse still, Smith was the actual instigator to the IRS's attack dogs, led by the infamous Lois Lerner, who fired the starting pistol for the IRS's persecution of Tea Party groups in 2012, delaying their applications for nonprofit status, subjecting them to bizarre searches and seizures, an admitted abuse of power, which they later claimed to have apologized for, which was easy to do because the political aim of the delays had been accomplished: swinging the 2012 election to Obama.  Smith gave the go-ahead, undoubtedly doing the bidding of his boss at the time, one Barack Obama, whose wife Smith's wife made an adoring documentary about. 

Sound like this guy's neck-deep in political sleaze?  Zero doubt.  But wait, as Billy Dale says, there's more:

Richard Grenell, President Trump's former ambassador to Germany, who served in Europe at the same time Smith was at the Hague war crimes tribunal, says he has a few coming attractions:

What a guy. This is Mr. "Impartial," Mr. "Follow the Facts Wherever They Lead"?

Doesn't sound like it, given Grenell's "no moral compass" charge, which we can already see based on the McDonnell case.

No wonder Garland went to such ends to make those phony claims about Smith and his "integrity" for narrative purposes, with the mainstream media eating it up.

This is nothing but a sleazebag political operative with about as much integrity as the Steele dossier Democrat opposition research packet, now with an unlimited budget, being dispatched by Joe Biden to destroy a political rival in order to ensure that he stays in power for basically the rest of his miserable life.  We're not talking "impartial" here.

Image: Screen shot from CNN video via YouTube.

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