Biden tells boy he can 'go steal a pumpkin'

So did Joe Biden tell young Hunter he could go steal pumpkins if he liked, what with his dull, neglected life with dad busy with his political career?

It's kind of the first thought that comes to mind when we see Joe Biden in action, this time not sniffing some girl's head, or copping a sidelong feel on some girl's breast, but advising a young boy of about 11 or 12 that he could go steal pumpkins if he liked.

Biden is in a cutesy mood here, attempting to empathize with the children who were being used as a photo op backdrops for his Thanksgiving turkey pardon the other day.  Sure, they would have been bored.  Joe, after all, was the only one who benefited from it in his life in politics.  But rather than commend the kids for sitting still so nicely, or telling them they were so good they could pick out and take home a pumpkin from the background display, Biden attempted to play not a father figure, but a presumed ally of the kids, the same way perverts do, assuming they were just itching to steal pumpkins from the display behind them, and then he invited them to do it.

The kid, of course, was thinking no such thing, so he just stared upward politely, utterly stupefied at the strange permission to steal pumpkins from the purported president, obviously a mixed message compared to what he was getting back home.

It was lame humor, but it was also a lousy message for the kids, who were left baffled and confused.

Who thinks like that, particularly without a cue from the kids that this is their plan of action?

Only Joe Biden. 

It does call to mind that Joe is the father of dissolute Hunter Biden, whose debaucheries and corrupt business dealings have been revealed to have reached a gargantuan scale.

How many times indeed did he tell young Hunter he could do anything he wanted?  How many times did he tell Hunter he could go steal the pumpkin?

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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