Mendacious Democrats make fools of themselves responding to Paul Pelosi attack

Could the Democrat party be any more hypocritical and disingenuous?  Perhaps, but their use and abuse of the attack on Paul Pelosi as allegedly the result of Republican rhetoric would be hilarious if it were not so egregious.  

This is the party that gleefully incited violence against Justice Kavanaugh.  They invented the case against Kavanaugh out of whole cloth with that ridiculous woman, Christine Blasey Ford.  The news of the man who attempted to enter Justice Kavanaugh’s home and kill his family was a one-day story because they buried it.  

Rand Paul’s neighbor that attacked him is Joy Reid’s hero!  When Steve Scalise was nearly killed by a Bernie Sanders supporter, no one on the right blamed Sanders or his supporters.  Senator Schumer threatened all the originalist members of the Supreme Court if they dared to overturn Roe.  Maxine Waters of course regularly encouraged violence against conservatives.   And sadly, the left usually cooperates and acts out like small children throwing tantrums.  They embrace Antifa and BLM as actors for their cause. 

So it is no surprise that the most lunatic Dems saw the incident at the Pelosi mansion in SF as an opportunity to blame the least responsible people on the planet, conservatives. Hillary was first right out of the barn.  Her deranged tweet falsely blaming the Republican Party for what occurred proves beyond reasonable doubt that she has gone round the bend of mental stability.  

Leftists never wait for the facts to emerge; they go for the jugular at the first seeming opportunity to slime anyone they perceive as insufficiently  in their thrall.  

The rest of the media of course followed suit, embarrassing themselves one after another. Every one of them who could get their face on CNN or MSNBC, Amy Klobuchar, Chris Coons, etc., spewed the “Republicans are responsible for the attack on Mr. Pelosi” talking point.   They did not wait two minutes for the facts to be revealed: David DePape’s miserable history as a drug addicted nudist who lived in a broken-down bus with BLM and Pride flags. 

But the Dems are so certain their narrative will prevail, they stampeded each other to indict any and all conservatives for what happened to the 82-year-old Pelosi, who may or may not have an unorthodox personal life.  Apparently there have long been rumors about his activities when his wife is not at home.  But rumors are rumors; they may be invented or may have a kernel of truth.  Someone knows but not us.  The powers that be in SF are subordinates of Nancy Pelosi; not one of them will dare to deviate from the Pelosi-approved narrative. 

Bottom line?  The left’s desperation to make what happened in SF at 2 am that morning about Republicans is so much more than pathetic. It reeks of furious misery, so much so that they’ve exposed themselves for all to see as the cheats they are.  They cannot win without lying and cheating and they know it.  Blaming Trump and Trump supporters for a deranged person’s violent act, a person with no grasp of reality, is their last gasp at relevance. 

They have yet to realize that their policies -  CRT,  DEIESG, unrestricted abortion (up to and including birth), unrestricted mutilation of minors confused about their gender,  the propagation of porn in schools, all things woke, their green agenda that starves civilization of energy, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, etc. – are abhorrent to most Americans who want their country back.  They revere the nation as founded.  They cherish the freedom that they once took for granted but that they now see slipping away. 

While many questions remain unanswered, the left’s pretense that anyone other than David DePape is responsible for what happened to Mr. Pelosi should be a wake-up call to those few Democrats who may not be thoroughly mind-numbed by the party’s radicalization that their party is clearly headed toward communist totalitarianism.  Vote these people out of the offices they hold, for their intentions are not decent or remotely moral.  Their intentions are globalist.  They see themselves as superior to the masses for whom they feel only disdain.  They believe they are entitled to control how the rest of us live our lives.  They pass laws and impose regulations that affect how we live but they are not required to obey.  The men and women of the World Economic Forum will never live by the rules they decree for us.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Vote to preserve America, for freedom and justice for all. 

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