Lying Lemon makes an astounding claim about CNN

I’m not sure anyone would use the word “intelligent” to describe Don Lemon, so my critique may be a bit unnecessary — but this is too ludicrous not to cover.

Lemon appeared as a Monday-night guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The conversation touched on the direction of the network under new CEO, Chris Licht. Flashback: when Licht took over in May 2022, he famously cleaned house, firing Brian Stelter and demoting Lemon. You might recall, with news of Lemon’s demotion, President Trump said:

They call me a ‘ratings machine.’ Don Lemon was also a ratings machine – in reverse. He killed rates, ate them alive, and always will. If he interviewed Elvis, back from the dead, nobody would watch.

Anyways, Colbert addressed Licht’s efforts to restore CNN to its long-abandoned position as a decently respected outlet within mainstream media, before it went completely and ridiculously left when its executives and anchors developed a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. See the exchange below:

(Now, Lemon uses the descriptor “liberal” but for the sake of clarity and due diligence, what we’re really speaking to is the hallmark political leftism of the Democrat party and their base.)

CNN was never “liberal”? The endless bad press on arguably the greatest president in the last 100 years — who was also arguably a political moderate — was only “good journalism”? Just the other day, I found a 2020 article detailing a list of phrases to be avoided; don’t say all lives matter, and whatever you do, don’t shirk your role in the abolished institution of slavery, even though you’ve never personally owned a slave — otherwise, you’re guilty of a microaggression (even that very word is a leftist invention).

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d consider attempts to suppress free speech to force a false narrative as being a “liberal” tactic.

Quick refresher: A Harvard study concluded the following:

CNN and NBC averaged 93% negative coverage of Trump’s first 100 days with CBS creeping behind with 91% negative coverage. The television networks do not have a monopoly on negative coverage. The two most notable anti-Trump newspaper outlets — the New York Times and the Washington Post — averaged 87% and 83% negative coverage respectively.

To be fair, industry journalists such as Lemon are simply cogs in the propaganda machine of the mockingbird media. Critical or original thought appear to be elusive; they’re simply parroting the narrative of the powers that be.

Regardless of the “why”, Don Lemon remains a source of amusement. As conservative author Matt Margolis said, “and you thought that Colbert was supposed to be the comedian.”

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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