How to empower the black community to succeed

No one has produced any functionally sound answers to the myriad problems in the African-American community.  So let us start here, with the direct answer to the issue, so that we are clear from the start.  There is one and only one answer to every ill that we face as a nation.  Every single child, and most especially every African-American child, must be fully and completely educated.  Whether as a mechanic or a scientist, a full education should be compulsory in the black community. 

People with complete educations are not out committing street crime.  People with complete educations do not need social service.  People with complete educations are not being stopped and shot dead by law enforcement. 

Complete education is the only answer, to every problem we have as a society today.  Our people must be educated.  Each of us must be self-sufficient.  The inability for entire communities to grow and prosper, especially if they must then rely on others, is a root cause of racial hatred.  

How long have we been asking questions about the cause of racism, along with the follow-up question: how can we make it go away?  

Start by changing the narrative.  It is not race, but economics that is the issue.  People don’t hate us.  They are simply tired of being financially responsible for people who commit crime and live in perpetual poverty.  People are not racists as much as they are disappointed in the way things have turned out.

In this country, polite people do not discuss race.  Within that vacuum, black people have engineered a complex system whereby whites can be manipulated, and forced to tread lightly, upon the collective psyche of the long-suffering, highly sensitive, reparations-seeking, generally persecuted black person.

In the process, black people are able to behave badly and have turned underachievement into a cultural norm.  White people are not permitted to acknowledge this.  They can’t bring it up...can’t get mad about it...and the closer they come to discussing the truth, the more they are accused of racial insensitivity and racial hatred.

Yet they have to live with us, protect us, feed us, and listen to us attack them for inadequately providing for non-white people.  We get away with this because we can quite righteously claim that whites impeded our progress in the past. 

But it is not the past any longer, and this egregious denial-and-blame game has got to stop.  The past is not causing our problems today.  Other cultures, races and nations have suffered and recovered.  We have not.

Black people should have had this fixed by now.  By reasonable line of logic, we apparently do not want, or plan, to fix this.  It would have been done already if we did.

You’re saying to yourself that right now you are reading about stuff you’re not allowed to say!  Or think!  Well right here — that ends also.  You can look around society today, and see the result of pent up inner thoughts.  Racial hatred has gotten bad — and yet can still get worse.

I know folks don’t want to (or are not allowed to) talk about this.  But I’m here to say that a Black Lives Matter movement and its ilk are not in a position to represent black people.  Yet they are raising millions of dollars to do so. 

Talk about your vacuum...this type of mass hysterical, overblown, adolescent leadership emerges in the wake, of the lack of meaningful, impactful leadership in the black community.  There is not one among these pseudo-preacher lawyer rabble-rousers who is honest with us.  There is way too much money at stake, from the perpetuation of dysfunction.

We need leaders in the African-American community who advocate for making the community do the work it needs to do to improve.  Instead, this gaggle of mercenaries is always and only about finding some outward magical force, to come into the community, and repair us!  Brings on the GERD!

Any one (of these groups, or individual people), who tells you we are being persecuted; anyone who tells you that we need conflict to evoke change; anyone who asks for more money to fix the same old problems...anyone who advocates for defunding of the police — is engaging in useless and unnecessary agitation, likely in an effort to raise more money, even though he has yet to stumble upon the solution — to poverty and hopelessness.

No organizations that you readily come by are dealing with the true problems we face in the black community.  This is why the problems still exist and are getting worse.  No one has the stones to face facts.  Until every one of our children is fully educated, and society stops making excuses for African-American underachievement, nothing will change.

Until the black community does what is necessary to improve itself, nothing can or will come into our community that will fix us, and we will continue to blame others for our own lack of resolve.

The author is a radio broadcaster, public speaker, published author, and community activist.  She is a compassionate, fiscally conservative, Buddhist Presbyterian, lower-middle-class senior citizen black woman, and a direct descendent of Peter and Jane Randolph Jefferson.  Her level-headed, honest, and insightful presentation is geared to help deal honestly with the truth about poverty and race in America today.  She can be reached at

Image: Johnny Silvercloud via Flickr (cropped), CC BY-SA 2.0.

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