Government by Sociology 101

We are led by buffoons.

Tucker Carlson, Aug, 17, 2021

When asked in July 2021 by a journalist whether there was any similarity between his decision to leave Afghanistan and the United States' humiliating withdrawal from Vietnam in 1975, Joe Biden, with typical bluster, replied:

None whatsoever! Zero. ... There's ... no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy ... of the United States. It is not at all comparable. 

Of course, Joe was reflecting that judgment of U.S. "intelligence" agencies that the Kabul government could last a year before a Taliban takeover.  In fact, when the U.S. abruptly withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2021, it took the Taliban only 10 days to overrun Kabul's government forces, leading to a panicked exodus from the country that saw 13 U.S. military service members blown to pieces by a terrorist explosive device at the airport, a hundred more injured, 70 Afghanistan civilians killed, and the spectacle of people falling to their death trying to hold onto the landing gear of departing airplanes.  After this botched withdrawal, the Taliban became a "major U.S. arms dealer" because the U.S. brilliantly left behind

around 650,000 weapons ... including 350,000 M4 and M16 rifles, 65,000 machine guns, 25,000 grenade launchers and 2,500 mortars and howitzers, ... 75,000 military vehicles including 50,000 light- and medium-tactical vehicles, 22,000 Humvees and 928 mine-resistant vehicles, 110 Black Hawk helicopters, costing $21 million each; 20 A-29 Super Tucano attack aircraft, worth $21.3 million each; and 7 C-208 light attack airplanes, each costing $12.1 million.

Despite the fact that a Pew Research poll finds that only 27% of Americans think Biden succeeded in Afghanistan, while a whopping 69% see his abrupt, deadly withdrawal as a failure, Biden, apparently eager to show his contempt for the American people again, called the withdrawal "an extraordinary success."  It wasn't any of his sons or daughters blown to bits at the airport.  And the problems caused by arming the Taliban with the U.S.'s best military equipment will fall on future presidents, Afghan dissidents, the women and girls of Afghanistan, and the victims of future terror attacks.  Congratulations, Joe!

When the Biden-administration pushed through their massive trillion-dollar spending bills in his first term, former Treasury secretary Larry Summers, who's served Democrats, warned Biden that his trillion-dollar spending and printing of money would lead to massive inflation.  Biden scoffed at that possibility and said that inflation would be "temporary."  When inflation began in earnest, Biden Treasury secretary Janet Yellen informed the peasants that inflation would be short-lived.  In fact, anyone who passed Econ 101 knows that Summers was clearly right.  But Biden wanted to spend money on his friends, so the American people now face both inflation and recession.  When inflation reached a 40-year high, Harvard genius Yellen had to admit  she had been wrong, but no worries, because she (net worth: $20 million) and the rest of the Biden administration are well heeled and will be fine.  As usual, it's only the peasants, in particular minorities, that really suffer.  But don't worry!  They say they really care.

By the summer of 2022, the U.S. economy had two consecutive quarters of negative growth, which has traditionally been viewed as signaling a recession.  But rather than do some self-reflection and change policies, the Biden administration decided to change the definition of "recession," that being much easier and requiring no intelligence.  More recently, when asked by a journalist if he is worried about the inflation and threats of a recession, Biden, while slurping up an ice cream cone, a luxury the peasants cannot afford anymore, said he's not worried because 1) "the U.S. economy is strong as hell"; 2) the U.S. economy is stronger than everywhere else (which is false); and 3) the real problem is "the lack of sound [economic] polices in other countries."  Biden's usual script: It's everybody else's fault

When His Eminence is asked hard questions by journalists, which is not very often, he generally yells at them or insults them.  For example, when Peter Doocy asked Biden if he worried that the inflation would hurt Democrats in the midterms, Biden (the self-professed great uniter), instead of acknowledging the peasant's right to know, replied: "No, it's a great asset. ... What a stupid son of a b----."  Quite surprisingly, however, Biden's own press secretary, Jen Psaki, stated that the recent increase in inflation is actually "a good thing."  So is she a stupid son of a b---, too, Joe, or does that "D" behind her name give her a pass?  Let me guess!

Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary Mayorkas of Homeland Security (under oath), and White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre, all apparently eager to display their contempt for the American people, claim that the southern border is secure despite the facts that everybody knows it isn't and that a U.N. study has identified it as the most dangerous land border in the world.  Even though lying under oath to Congress can result in significant jail time, Mayorkas needn't worry because, being a Democrat, he is exempted from obeying the law.  Don't even ask!

Recently, Vice President Harris, who is famous for incoherence, despite all the problems in the country — crime, inflation, etc. — sounded as though she was on Captain Kangaroo when she launched into a paean to yellow school buses:

Who doesn't love a yellow school bus? Can you raise your hand if you love a yellow school bus? Many of us went to school on the yellow school bus, right? It's part of our experience of the ... joy of going to school ... The school bus takes us there.

The school bus takes us to school!

Kamala specializes in tautologies.

The unelected governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, who inherited the job after the last genius Democrat governor, Andrew Cuomo, presided over all the dead elderly people he sent into New York nursing homes during COVID, is now trailing her Republican opponent, Lee Zeldin, for a number of reasons.  First, in the recent debate, she told Zeldin that she didn't understand why the crime crisis in New York is "so important" to him and stated that anyone who commits a crime will face "consequences."  Really, Kathy?  What kind of consequences?  Will violent felons be required to stay after school?  Further, Hochul cannot resist smirking at people as she says literally stupid things or signs unconstitutional legislation after being overruled by the Supreme Court.

One could continue the above list indefinitely, but there is no need.

Someone on Fox recently suggested that Biden needs better advisers.  On the contrary!  A competent high school student could quickly come up with better policies to improve the lives of Americans.  In fact, Biden wants these disastrous policies because the Democrats have become a far-left party motivated not by facts, but by sophomoric "woke" hatred for America

Since Democrats cannot defend their policies, bitter Soviet-born fake conservative Hillary-supporter Max Boot thinks the only solution is one-party rule.  Although Boot admits that "might sound counterintuitive to anyone with a middle school education," he can take comfort in the fact that Stalin and Chairman Mao would agree wholeheartedly.  Remember: the Democrats say, comically, that they want to "save our democracy."

Image: Screen shot from WPRI 14 News video via YouTube.

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