Elise Stefanik for House Speaker

Perhaps Rep. Kevin McCarthy might serve the GOP (and the country) by mediating any difficulties in the relationship between The Donald (Trump) and The Ronald (DeSantis). He is, alas, not the member of Congress to stand up against the demagogic, demonizing campaign that the Democrats will wage against the GOP speaker from January 3, 2023 to January 3, 2025.

My first choice, reflexively, was Louie Gohmert, until I learned that he wanted to be attorney general of Texas, lost his bid, and is leaving Congress.  Confessing the error of my political ways, Rep. Elise Stefanik, of upstate New York — the third-ranking Republican in the House, now becomes the obvious choice to succeed the execrable Nancy Pelosi.

Rep. Stefanik, a MAGA Republican, will stand up to the manipulating, conniving, devious, demeaning, and deceptive Democrats who work, without let-up, to make the life of the Speaker miserable. Just consider what the Democrats did to Newt Gingrich, credited with masterminding the great GOP House victory of November 8, 1994 —  remember when elections took place on a single day? After 40 years in the minority, in 1994, the Republicans gained 54 seats to become the House majority with 230 GOPers in the House.

But the anti-Newt campaign began right after November 8, 1994 and he was driven from Congress after only four years as speaker, in January 1999. Elise Stefanik has the gumption, the fortitude, the stamina, and the political wisdom to stymie any moves against her from the rabid Democrats — the likes of a Schiff or Raskin, aided by their never-MAGA allies in the Republican Party.

Madison, in Federalist Paper No. 57, called on our leaders to be in “communion of interests and sympathy of sentiments” with the people, without which every government turns tyrannical. Elise Stefanik has these qualities of communion and sympathy and will lead House Republicans to defeat any moves by the Democrats to transform our land of liberty into a one-party, tyrannical state. Rep. Stefanik will not permit the federal bureaucracy to stall important House investigations into the descent of the FBI into the secret police arm of the rabid, rogue Democrats. Rep. Stefanik is fully capable of cleaning out the Augean stables of the Department of Justice under Democrat heel. Nancy Pelosi stained liberty’s cause with her inquisitorial, above-the-law January 6 committee selected for the purpose of destroying the Republican Party. Elise Stefanik will restore decency, honesty, fairness, and effectiveness to the committee process of the House of Representatives.

In brief, the tenure of Elise Stefanik as Speaker of the House of Representatives will impress on the American people just how far we traveled towards authoritarian government under Pelosi — and how fortunate we are, reviving the American spirit of liberty with Elise Stefanik at the helm in the House of Representatives.

Image: Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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