Bad behavior by so-called ‘transgenders’ must be checked

The prevalence of so-called “transgenderism” reflects the confluence of a hardcore, leftist strain in the homosexual movement, rising mental illness, social media, and activists in politics and commerce. This has created a self-destructive collective madness last seen when people maddened by the Black Death began publicly flagellating themselves until they bled. Today’s maddened people aren’t just hurting themselves; they’re a direct threat to America’s children.

The first threat is brainwashing, often in the public schools to which their parents entrust them. Children are taught that, if they don’t perfectly match stereotypical standards for men and women, they are either “nonbinary” or “transgender.” The second threat is that many of the people who call themselves transgender have sexual obsessions that lead them to prey on children. Both threats showed up in today’s news.

Regarding public school grooming, the tale of Willa Hoard, a social studies teacher at Chesapeake High School in Pasadena, Maryland, is perfectly representative. Hoard, a man who claims to be a woman, runs the Gay-Straight Alliance (“GSA”) organization at the high school. Parents at the school have discovered that, in his GSA capacity, he’s been encouraging the students in his charge to become sexualized in ways completely inappropriate for young people.

Image: Lailani Muniz, public figure and alleged pedophile. YouTube screen grab.

Libs of TikTok has the details, so I’ll summarize the main points. Parents become aware of a problem when a student involved in the GSA put up a social media post saying that the school would discipline students and teachers for “deadnaming”—that is, for calling people by the sex-appropriate (male or female) name given to them at birth—which the school claims is “sexual harassment.”

The mother of the student who put up that post realized there was a problem and started investigating the GSA. By going through her daughter’s phone and computer, she discovered that Hoard had communicated with students via all sorts of non-school-related internet platforms.

According to messages, Hoard was referred to as “mom” and was directing students to “carry on, be gay, and start a revolution.”  Other messages encouraged the students cause “chaos”, making sure to remind the kids to “wash your face and hands.”


Unbeknownst to the parents, at the direction of the GSA, the school had deemed the back of Hoard’s classroom a “safe space” for LGBTQ+ students. This meant that at any time, whether in gym or algebra class, if a student said to a teacher that they needed a “safe space” they could go to Hoard’s room. 

Libs of TikTok explains that, in a video taken in Hoard’s room, “you can see two students grinding on each other while Hoard is teaching U.S. History. *** Another video shows what appears to be one student sucking the stomach of another student while, once again, Hoard was teaching.”

You can read more here about what is manifestly grooming in a public school classroom.

Here’s some voting advice: If you don’t know which school board candidates to support, ask them this one question: ‘What’s your position on handling ‘gender identity’ in our schools?” The answers made my election choices very easy.

And then there are the predators. In New York, one man who claims to be transgender was arrested for allegedly soliciting a minor for sex:

A transgender activist in New York City was arrested and charged for allegedly soliciting a minor, legal documents show. 

Trans and HIV activist Lailani Muniz was arrested last month in the Bronx after corresponding with someone whom Muniz thought was a 14-year-old boy identified as “Josh” on the LGBT dating app Grindr, according to the criminal complaint obtained by Fox News Digital.

“Josh,” however, was actually a man who works at the nonprofit NY Creeps Spotlight, which exposes people who target children.

Take away the word “transgender,” and you end up with the allegation that a gay man knowingly solicited sex from a minor.

If you define yourself by sex, that is the filter through which you’ll interact with the world, including interacting with children. Whether by birth or social manipulation, these sexually obsessed people are mentally ill, and that plays out in ways that should worry all parents.

Adults who don’t want to be arrested may try to inveigle the children into their world., while those whose compulsions are strong will seek sex directly from children. Either way, we need to stop these damaged people from creating another generation that is mentally ill and composed of young people all too willing to mutilate their bodies and begin indoctrinating the next generation into the cult.

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