A Trump strategy

I have observed the lightning rod–like effect Trump has had for the left.  While much larger in scale, it reminds me of the Al Quist run for governor in Minnesota back in the '90s.  There was such deep hatred by the left that leftists showed up to vote in the Republican caucuses and the primary to make sure that the RINO incumbent governor, Arne Carlson, would not be defeated.

Republicans owe a debt to Trump that most may never acknowledge.  Like an icebreaker, Trump plunged through the ossified legacy of accumulated debris like Paul Ryan, Bob Dole, Mitt Romney, and George W. Bush.  This layer of assumed privilege created an inertia that no amount of grassroots activism could penetrate.  However, Trump not only penetrated it, but blew it apart.  For that alone, we are in his debt.

The left spews venom, invective, hatred, and accusations.  Leftists have no use for truth because they can see only what they have to destroy to get what they want.  Trump has drawn and will continue to draw their fire.  Here lies perhaps the greatest service Trump can offer the Republican Party.  If his run for the presidency ends at the convention, where he withdraws in favor of Pence or DeSantis or some other leading candidate, he may have been able to act as a shield.

The Republican Party faces two major challenges.  The first is how to get rid of the entrenched dead wood that holds on to power and in so doing enables the Democrats to continue their destruction of the country.  The second is to demonstrate to those repulsed by Democratic lunacy that the Republicans are an effective alternative.

The main problem is that there was a Republican resurgence in 1994 that turned into a squandered opportunity.  If this happens again, there will likely be no turning our country around.  The stakes could not be higher.  It will require a coordinated effort by those whose natural ambition and inclination is toward personal advancement and garnering public adulation.  For people to work together, often against their own ambitions, is a lot to ask.

There is more that Trump can accomplish by working with the next round of congressional candidates, influencing state party organizations, and simply being outrageous, that the recent influx of former Democrats could be turned from a trickle to a tide.

Trump has a large ego.  He might be the first to acknowledge it.  However, in the last two years, working with candidates all over the country and holding rallies, he may have found as much satisfaction being a moving target.  State Republican party organizations need to select viable candidates, and Trump can bring an injection of enthusiasm.  Working together can stop and even reverse the damage the Democrats have done to our country.

Trump is known to be unpredictable and outrageous.  This can be useful, or it can be squandered.  If Trump can be persuaded to set aside personal vindication for national vindication, there may still be hope for the country.

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