Will Pelosi’s attacker get no-bail pretrial release?

Like most, I am saddened, shocked, and take no joy in the scary attack on Paul Pelosi, but I must ask, will his wife, Nancy, support his alleged attacker’s immediate release with no bail? California’s 2018 law, SB 10, according to California Courts:

Senate Bill 10 (Hertzberg, Stats. 2018, ch. 244) authorizes a change to California’s pretrial release system from a money-based system to a risk-based release and detention system.

SB 10 assumes that a person will be released on his or her own recognizance or supervised own recognizance with the least restrictive nonmonetary condition or combination of conditions that will reasonably assure public safety and the defendant’s return to court.

Source: California Courts

Moreover, if, as reports indicate, David DePape is mentally ill, then shouldn’t we just get him counseling, especially if this is his first offense?

If San Francisco locks DePape up pretrial, why would he be treated worse than most other alleged criminals in San Francisco?  And shouldn’t that concern the ACLU and all people of good conscience? 

Where I live, in Illinois, come January 1, unless he was deemed a flight risk, he would be released under our (unsafe) SAFE-T Act.  Remember, it's called "equity" and progress, right?

The tragic irony is the defund police and bail reform crowd "led" by Pelosi now has a new poster boy: DePape.

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