The media and other Democrats can see the handwriting on the wall and are becoming desperate

The media are very worried that the Democrats are going to lose the Senate, so they need to destroy Republicans.

They clearly don’t care about how radical John Fetterman’s policies are, how few accomplishments he has, or that he is clearly incompetent while they campaign for him.

They have set out to protect Raphael Warnock, no matter what his sordid past is and how radical his policies are, so they must destroy Walker.

They have come up with another unverified story that Herschel Walker supposedly drove a woman to an abortion clinic in 1993 (29 years ago). If the media were honest, this story would have never been reported, but just as with Justice Kavanaugh, the media and other Democrats are willing to destroy anyone that gets in their way as they quest for power.

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Democrats can’t run on their record or their radical, unpopular, policies so they seek to destroy, mislead, and deflect.

Here are some things the media didn’t care about:

Obama had a close association with Bill Ayers, a known terrorist. He essentially got his blessing to run for political office.  

No one seems to care that Obama and Warnock both had associations with anti-Semite Reverend Wright

Rev. Wright: 'Them Jews Ain't Going To Let' Him Talk To Obama 

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate defended anti-Semitic pastor Jeremiah Wright 

Obama’s, and other Democrats, association with anti-Semite Louis Farakhan was buried.

No one cared about Obama’s financial dealings with corrupt Tony Rezko.

The media and other Democrats never cared about all the kickbacks to the Clintons and how many women they physically and mentally abused and sought to destroy for decades.

They never cared about Bill Clinton’s close association with Jeff Epstein.

They didn’t care when Obama and Biden used the IRS to target and silence political opponents.

They still don’t care that Obama and Biden used the Justice Department and a fake dossier as an excuse to destroy Trump and associates.

They not only didn’t care that Democrats were election deniers in 2000, 2004, and 2016, they supported them. Not once did they call the challenges to elections a disqualifier or a threat to democracy.

And they certainly have known about the absolute corruption and kickbacks to the Biden and his family for years and don’t care. They just bury the story.

But we are supposed to believe that it is a huge story and a disqualifier when someone comes forward with an unverified story from 20-30 years ago that Walker may have paid or offered to pay for an abortion.

Isn’t it time that the media registered as lobbyists for the Democrat party and reported all their in-kind contributions?

Democrats pretend they support women and minorities, but they seek to destroy everyone who gets in their way. Democrats don't allow independent thinkers. 


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