Spot the insurrectionists

The fantasy that the events of January 6, 2020 constituted an “insurrection” is, along with the associated demonization of President Trump, one of two slender reeds of hope for Democrats retaining control of Congress in 2022 and the presidency in 2024. (The other reed, of course, is the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, returning control of abortion policy to the democratic processes via the states, not banning abortion, as is often implied.)

Of course, January 6 as an insurrection is a fantasy. When has there ever been an unarmed insurrection when the insurrectionists were invited in through open doors?

But there was a violent attempted insurrection in that same year, 2020.  Maurice Richards, writing in American Greatness, provides some data on that insurrection following the overdose death of career criminal St. George Floyd in police custody:

The 2020 riots, perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, were an actual armed insurrection. The planned and deliberate violence was unprecedented in American history. The subversion included 574 riots, 624 acts of arson, 2,385 looting incidents, 26 people killed, 97 police vehicles burned, $2 billion in property damage, and 2,000 police officers injured. The death of George Floyd sparked the violence, but it wasn’t the cause. 

The violence and hatred of America had been sown with the seeds of racial division for many years by leftist groups, university elites, and perpetuated by the media. Black Lives Matter ideology, an offshoot of critical race theory, was a crucial element.

Minneapolis aparement building destroyed during George Floyd insurrection (YouTube screengrab)

The insurrection may not have toppled the government, but with the proliferation of CRT indoctrination and the adoption of race discriminatory policies by agencies of goev rnment at all levels, it was fairly successful in its aims.

Hat tip: David Zuckerman

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