Joe Biden hands Mexico's human-smuggling cartels a $13 billion 'bonus'

Ever wonder who gets rich from Joe Biden's policy of open borders?

The NGOs make money from federal contracts, sure. The school districts make money for extra seats filled, so yes, they make money, too. The banks and telecom and remittance transmissions services make money from illegal migrants' illegal earnings.  The hospitals and emergency rooms, which can claim cash from the state for indigent patients make money, as well. Everyone, other than the Americans whose wages fall, or whose jobs are given away, or who are victims of crimes from the "newcomers," has some part of the old snoot in the illegal immigration trough.

But nobody quite makes money the Mexican cartels do, from direct smuggling fees paid to them by the migrants themselves, now that Joe Biden has ceded U.S. sovereignty to them at the border, where they control who gets into the U.S., and who gets left for carrion for the Mexican desert vultures.

According to the New York Post, citing federal data:

The US Department of Homeland Security reports that the Mexican cartels’ income from smuggling illegal migrants into America has soared from $500 million in 2018 to $13 billion this year — up 2,500%.

If this were a publicly traded corporation, it would be hailed as a "growth stock."

According to the NASDAQ blog, it took Apple Computer seven years to show that kind of growth.

Look atshares of Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL ) . It was more than seven years ago when shares traded at $13. Now they're at $337. That's a gain of nearly 2,500%

...and even then, Apple didn't get as high as a full $2,500% at the time the article was written. Most companies don't get anywhere near $2,500% in seven years, let alone two. Apple with its notable innovations, is kind of special among companies. But cartels enabled by Joe Biden have managed to top them.

Now let's look at things worth $13 billion in Mexico, so as to compare it to what the Biden-enriched cartels have "earned."

Mexico's beverage exports, mostly to the states: (read: Corona beer) came to $7.5 billion. As you think about all the places where you've seen Mexican beer on grocery shelves, in every city, know that he cartel cash stream is worth close to ... twice that.

Thirteen billion dollars is also the total amount of energy the U.S. imported from Mexico in 2020.

According to Oil & Gas Journal:

Every year since 2015, the value of US energy exports to Mexico has exceeded the value of energy imports from Mexico. In 2019, the value of selected energy imports—crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas—fell to $13 billion.

Those Mexican energy imports amount to 4% of all U.S. imports from Mexico, according to the trade journal and Mexico is America's second largest foreign oil supplier after Canada.

And how does this Mexican cartel earnings upsurge compare to other Mexican enterprises, seeing that all this cash is now in Mexico?

Well, four well-known Mexican conglomerates -- Coca-Cola Femsa, Arca Continental, Grupo Bimbo, and Grup Elektra, at least three of which are led by well-known billionaires on the Forbes list (I used to calculate these guys' fortunes for Forbes), clock in at about the $13 billion market cap level, Bimbo slightly more. Those conglomerates include TV Azteca, Mexico's second-biggest television network, Mexican Coca Cola or Bimbo bread, which includes many well known U.S. bread labels. Seems they've got a new coeval in their money league, and it's not for an asked-for product, like, say, Mexican Coke, which many Americans have sought out.

In the U.S. the $13 billion figure matches the market caps of well-known companies such as NortonLifeLock, Trimble, Campbell's Soup, Apache Corporation, Avery Dennison, Iron Mountain and Hubspot.

And what does $13 billion buy in Joe Biden's federal government?

Well, the entire initial tranche of Ukraine aid to fight the Russian military machine, doled out in March 2022, for one. Another is Joe Biden's emergency COVID relief to elementary and secondary schools -- the cash spent to keep the teachers' unions happy and in bunny slippers as schools moved to Zoom. That's the kind of money it took.

Now we learn that Biden has handed the same amount to Mexico's notorious cartels, enough to support a full war budget in Ukraine, and there is absolutely zero end in sight. Money like this goes to cartels to help them improve their operations, buy more expensive anti-detection devices for easier border crossings, buy deadlier weapons to terrorize the Mexican- and border-state public and take out U.S. lawmen, and reach out to further markets in the developing countries in order to sell their smuggling and crossing fee services. Worse still, this kind of money goes to threaten the Mexican state, corrupting it with bribery if not killing it with outright brute force. We are already seeing the beginnings of this in places like Tijuana, which was shut down by cartels for several days as cars burned and gunfire rang out. The cartels right now are rolling in the dough as a result of the great human smuggling machine they created, and business is booming.

Donald Trump once spoke out about taking out the cartels to much consternation among the chattering classes.

The real scandal, though, is that Biden has fed $13 billion to the cartels.

Now he's created a monster.

Biden and his minions would have you think that illegal immigration is just a matter of single moms on the go from other countries who want to bring in the kids. The reality is, it's a mighty and growing industry that rivals real industries that produce things of value. The value of this is inhuman smuggling trade is solely for Democrat votes. The crime, the murder, the family breakups, the dissolution of rule of law that comes of the dissoluton of borders, are things Biden doesn't talk about, let alone address.

The rest of us can see a crime of monumental proportions from the White House. The cartels can see only profit unlike any they have ever known.

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