'No one f---- with a Biden'?

If there's one thing worse than having a dotard for a president, it's having a foul-mouthed dotard for a president.

Which brings us to Joe Biden, whose handlers couldn't prevent this one from "gracing" the news, according to Politico:

THE F-WORD HEARD ROUND THE WORLD: The president was also heard on a hot mic saying “no one fucks with a Biden,” in conversation with Fort Myers Beach Mayor RAY MURPHY. (For those who don’t know about Biden’s potty mouth, cue our West Wing Playbook edition from last year on his love of some 4-letter words behind the scenes).



Talk about obnoxious talk. Politico reports that apparently, he talks like this all the time in private, signaling that he's even uglier on the inside than his outward appearances would suggest. That, plus always being butt naked in some situation or another paints which a memorable picture one can't unremember.

Aside from the toilet mouth though, the bravado of it, as if to sound as though he's just defeated Corn Pop once again, is in some ways even worse than the bad language. 

He really thinks no one effs with a Biden? Really?

This news comes as OPEC has done a number on him, opting to cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day, just ahead of midterms, in response to Biden's pleadings to them to raise production instead.

According to this sharp editorial from the Wall Street Journal:

As diplomatic humiliations go, it’s hard to top Wednesday’s decision by Saudi Arabia and its OPEC+ allies to cut oil production by two million barrels a day despite U.S. entreaties and a looming global recession.

News broke over the weekend that OPEC and its allies, including Russia, were contemplating cutting their production targets by one million barrels a day at their meeting this week. They want higher prices, and the prospect that this means rising gasoline prices before the November election sent the White House into overdrive.

CNN reported that senior Biden officials lobbied the Saudis, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates to oppose the production cuts. According to CNN, draft White House talking points for Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen suggested that she inform our Mideast allies that “There is great political risk to your reputation and relations with the United States and the west if you move forward.”

The talking points also explained that production cuts would be a “total disaster.” A White House official told CNN “it’s important everyone is aware of just how high the stakes are.” The stakes certainly are high for the Biden Administration, which has claimed credit for this summer’s decline in gasoline prices.

The Saudis heard all this—and then raised their production cuts by an additional million barrels a day. They don’t seem to think risking relations with the U.S. is all that big a deal. And they put friendly relations with Russia above their “reputation” in the U.S.

 They certainly showed him who was boss after that pathetic show. They effed "with a Biden." And they are going to get away with it as energy prices for Americans soar to sky-high levels.

It's sorry stuff because Joe is going to just bend over and take it, hoping that his blaming of these very smart, very masterly, OPEC+ oil producers persuades voters that it's their fault, not Biden's, as gas hits $6 or $8 a gallon at the pump and voters get ready to cast their ballots. 

They call it October surprise, and Joe just got surprised.

So much for Biden's claim to have lowered oil prices, or his pretensive claim to being an experienced diplomat. The Saudis took one look at him, added up all his errors and stupidities, including succoring the evil regime in Iran which directly threatens them; singling out the Saudis for humiliation over their human rights record; boneheadedly halting U.S. domestic energy production, spending down the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, leaving the U.S. with record-low reserves and therefore no leverage, as well as the broader picture of a coming global recession based on the Bidenite government spendathon, which could cut demand for oil, and decided to pull the trigger.

They cut production. All of Joe's calls to them pleading that they do otherwise were for nothing. All of that Strategic Petroleum Reserve oil spent to keep prices down was for nothing. The high prices are now waiting like a monster at the gate, there to bite.

So yeah, they effed with him.

Biden and his allied Democrats can see what is happening and know what the consequences for them are going to be come November as gas prices soar and voters head for the polls. 

They are vowing "revenge" since "no one f**** with a Biden," threatening to pull out U.S. troops and weapons systems from the region.

The Guardian reports:

“Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s drastic cut in oil production, despite President Biden’s overtures to both countries in recent months, is a hostile act against the United States and a clear signal that they have chosen to side with Russia in its war against Ukraine,” Tom MalinowskiSean Casten and Susan Wild wrote. “Both countries have long relied on an American military presence in the Gulf to protect their security and oil fields. We see no reason why American troops and contractors should continue to provide this service to countries that are actively working against us. If Saudi Arabia and the UAE want to help Putin, they should look to him for their defense.”

Their rhetoric lines up with what White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said yesterday when she declared that the two million barrel per-day cut in oil production makes it “clear that OPEC+ is aligning with Russia.” While she didn’t call for a withdrawal in military aid, she did say that the cut would drive energy prices higher right as many poor countries were struggling with inflation caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The broader political worry for the White House is that it will cause gas prices to spike again at home, an Americans will react by voting against Democrats in the 8 November midterms.

Which is laughably weak. Number one, the Saudis may well take them up on their suggestion that they turn to Putin for defense, which would put America and Israel in a particularly bad position. More empire for Putin? To make up for his rout in Ukraine? Smart move, brightboys.

The one way Biden could make himself strong to the Saudis, and therefore not "eff-able" is to loudly announce that he's raising U.S. energy production, the one thing they have calculated that he's too stupid or corrupt to do. They know he's in hock to big dollar donors and acts as their puppet, so it was dubious he'd do the one thing that could get their attention and respect.

Now he's on the ropes. They've effed with him and you can bet they're laughing up their sleeves at him. Joe's claims that 'nobody f**** a Biden' are nothing but more Walter Mittyism from the most inept and incompetent president in our lifetimes. The Saudis, by the way, are just one example -- there are still the North Koreans, the Iranians, the Russians, and the Chinese.

He's wretched.

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