Military recruitment decline portends catastrophe, in more than one way

Allow me to concisely interpret, for your convenience, a rather lengthy news item.  I may have editorialized just a bit to save space.

As Army Officials Report Catastrophic Enlistment Numbers, a Scary Last Resort Just Became Reality ( 

The US military is falling seriously short of new recruits. This is dangerously weakening our national security.  Many applicants are rejected because they are too fat.  Others are too stupid or too poorly educated to pass the dumbed-down qualification tests—including those who are functionally illiterate.  Some do not adequately speak the English language.  Some are drug addicts.  Some are convicted criminals.  Some have excessively large grotesque or obscene tattoos, including on the face.

Photo from:  Just Jokes and Memes (

Among those who might otherwise qualify, many do not even apply to join. Why?  Some of them are too lazy to get up early in the morning to attend reveille, for example.  Others have relatively lucrative civilian jobs.  Many have refused to be injected with what are erroneously called vaccines.  

The smartest ones, and perhaps those most qualified, include those who refuse to take orders from men who are wearing women’s clothes.  As for women, the standards required of them have in many cases been lowered to the point where, in actual combat, they would get themselves killed, along with their male and female comrades in arms.  Finally, in all too many cases, many American males are so sissified that they would collapse in weeping, the first time a grizzled first sergeant barked orders at them. 

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