Must-see: The Bee’s ‘California couple in Texas’ is back

The Babylon Bee is back with another chapter in the ongoing saga of the hard-left couple who, finding life in California unsustainable, has moved to Texas. The satire manages to be both deft and obvious, which makes for a surprisingly good combination, especially when lobbing surprisingly good-natured political insults at progressives. Ridicule is quite obviously a very powerful weapon.

Perhaps my fondness for the Babylon Bee’s satire about this hapless California couple is because 35 years ago I was a California Democrat who moved to Texas. I wasn’t quite as crazy as this couple, but I came to the state with many California values intact, and my Texas friends treated me with tremendous kindness, not to mention a small amount of disbelief.

If I had been a Republican at UC Berkeley, where I did my undergraduate studies, I would have been savaged—and that was before Antifa came to town and tried to set fire to conservatives. Indeed, one of the things that charmed me about Texas was that people really were tolerant, unlike Berkeley, where they simply spoke about tolerance.

In this latest iteration of the series, the California couple is out canvassing for Beto O’Rourke. On the one hand, the jokes practically write themselves; on the other hand, the writers at the Bee take it to a new level that had me laughing until I had tears in my eyes.

What particularly elevates this chapter in the series is that the video features a guest star. I am not going to give away that person’s identity. Let me just say, though, that this person plays the part perfectly and even riffs off a great meme. But I won’t tell you that either, lest I spoil the joke.

I wonder how much longer the Bee can keep this joke going. One-half of the couple is acclimating more quickly to Texas than the other half is. At some point, their relationship will meet an impasse, and they will have some choices to make. Until then, though, we can all laugh along with these two leftist fish who are struggling to swim in the Texas waters.

Image: California couple in Texas. YouTube screen grab.

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