Kamala lies in TV interview, claims she didn’t support fund to bail out George Floyd rioters in Minnesota… and it gets worse

Kamala Harris has just scored a hat trick of buffoonery. While we are accustomed to her embarrassing herself virtually every time she speaks extemporaneously, her verbal tomfoolery may be keeping pace with the accelerating dementia of her boss, Joe Biden.

We’ll start with an outright lie, committed during an interview with Esme Murphy  of WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. (Powerline readers are familiar with Ms. Murphy’s awkward relationship with the truth.)

The Vice President of the United States called claims that she supported the Minnesota Freedom Fund, established to bail out rioters arrested during the first round of arson and looting following the death in police custody of career criminal George Floyd, "misinformation":

This is an easily proven lie:



Evidently, Kamala knows that she lies, and noted in a separate appearance, “The thing about being a role model: people watch what you do to see if it matches what you say.’


Absurdity travels with the veep wherever she goes, and along with her (subconscious?) understanding that she lies and people notice it, she seems to realize that her boss is himself a parody of real president, dissolving into laughter as she mentions “The President of the United States.”  No kidding. The woman understands that he is a joke, and she can’t keep a straight face or her composure when talking about him.

Photo credit: Grabien video screengrab (cropped)

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