Memes abound as Elon Musk takes the helm at Twitter

You know that something amazing is going on when a single news event can stir so many artsy types to create memes.

That is what we see with Elon Musk's $44-billion takeover of Twitter.

Here are a few beauts:

Several wits have aggregated the best of them for their sites.

There's NotTheBee, with Harambe there saying he's spent all morning locating the best ones on, naturally, Twitter.

Power Line has some funny ones, too.

As does Breitbart News.

The Daily Mail has a collection, too.

As does OpIndia.

What can we say the theme here is?  How can we explain this?  Well, it's a simple story: the guy with the most money calls the shots.  But it's much better than that: a crummy, unsmiling elite, which is focused on shutting people down in the most Mrs. Grundy-like manner, got its comeuppance instantly, in a swift visit from a man with a sense of humor carrying a sink.  There's also the theme of leftist screaming — they screamed in panic — and their worst fears came true.  Schadenfreude can be a lot of fun.

The backdrop here is that Twitter was made for memes — and satire, and fun, and skewerings.  So it appears that Twitter is resuming its old identity after the nasty trolls who made it an unpleasant, fearful place got what they had coming to them — and everyone is laughing.

It was ready-made for memes — kind of like Musk's toted sink, which I originally thought was an artistic reference to Marcel DuChamp's urinal (known in the art world as a "ready-made") and which, like Musk's sink, flipped the art world upside-down in the early 20th century, but that's just me.  Perhaps I'll unwind that enough to make another meme.

Image: Meme, Twitter screen shot.

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