By royal decree, Biden regime tackles ‘junk fees’

Earlier this week, I saw a graphic on Twitter that caught my eye, as it read like an edict:

Certain bank fees are now “illegal.” Huh?

Well, immediately I ruled out that these fees were actually illegal, because I know Congress didn’t outlaw anything.

Now of course there are innumerable examples of how this was already obvious before, but this latest decree exhibits one of two things about Biden and his gaggle of dunces. Either they completely lack any understanding of the civic process, which is totally possible; or, they’re calculated, and methodically working to erode the Constitution, which is also plausible given how deeply these people loathe a limited government.

(The fact that we don’t know whether the executive officer and his cabinet understand the supreme governing document or not, is absolute madness.)

For context, here’s a 30-second crash course: Something can only be “illegal” if it violates law. Given that the federal government was designed to have checks and balances, only one branch is responsible for lawmaking — the Legislative branch. The office of the president exists to carry out existing law, it does not create new law. (Biden regime, are you paying attention?) There are no constitutional grounds to declare presidential “mandates” or bureaucratic “actions” as legally binding, so therefore, whatever these actions to “hold big corporations accountable” are null and void.

The graphic in question was an abbreviation of remarks that Biden made this past Wednesday, which, if you can believe it, get even more ludicrous.

Apparently at some point, Biden created another collective of administrators known as the Competition Council — they act like this economic stuff is ethereal — and said:

One of the key things I’ve asked the council to take on was the unfair hidden fees known as ‘junk fees’ that are taking real money — real money out of your pockets — real money out of the pockets of American families.

Joe, you know what’s taking money out of our pockets? It’s not concert tickets and resort fees  — when a grocery bill starts looking like a Costco run, entertainment and leisure go out the window — it’s you and your money-laundering, insider-trading cohorts creating trillions of dollars of debt that deflates our dollars. That’s the problem.

But Biden and his troupe are on the job! The Council is “developing rules and guidance” along with federal agencies. The Federal Trade commission “started work on a rule to crack down on unfair and deceptive fees” while the Department of Transportation is “working on rules” to dictate what private businesses can do in agreements with their customers and patrons. Gotta love a bumbling government inserting themselves into the “free” market!

Seriously, how do any of these people have law degrees?

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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