Katie Hopkins rallies the red in New York

Katie Hopkins, the hilarious British provocateur, roared into New York on Monday night with a simple message: do not fall like the United Kingdom, which she considers doomed.  Rise up like Americans and claim your freedom.

"I've traveled to many countries, and Americans are different than any other people," she told the New York Young Republican Club.  "You have freedom engraved on your souls.  You still have terrific things like the Second Amendment.  You have your faith, which is gone in my country.  Our churches are closing; your churches are still strong.  You are and you remain the greatest nation on the face of Planet Earth."

Rishi Sunak had just been named prime minister of the U.K. that morning, prompting Hopkins to joke that she was changing the name of her speech from "A Love Note from Across the Pond" to "Menopausal Old Hag Moaning Out Loud."  Her contempt for Sunak was clear: "Rishi Sunak has a speech impediment, and he can't even say his name.  That's the only joyous thing about it."

"Sunak is a global elitist.  His picture is on the World Economic Forum web page.  He's married to the richest woman in England who's also on the WEF page.  During the lockdown, she took furlough money for her staff.  There's a seething rage in the U.K. about what was done to us.  There's no representation for the people.  We need Giorgia Meloni," she said, referring to the newly elected prime minister of Italy, who has vowed to work for Italy against the globalists.

As for Liz Truss's exit as prime minister after just 44 days, Hopkins said, "The markets decide who's in power in the U.K., and the markets didn't want her.  Boris Johnson came back to take over again, and 24 hours later, he was gone.  Maybe he was bought off."

Hopkins has taken the fight for freedom to the road, traveling throughout America for the last two months to rally the red.  "After lockdowns, people are carrying so much hurt like a big water tank on your chest, so you can't breathe.  But traveling here, I'm uplifted because our side is such good people."

"I've been to small towns in California that you've never heard of, and I can tell you California is deep, deep red.  Everyone who's leaving has left.  The ones still there are dug in, boots to the ground, and they are red.

"Downtown Atlanta is in horrible shape.  There's a sense of being preyed upon.  White people scurry along, sticking to the side of the buildings, looking anxious.  I want to grab the people in the Atlanta suburbs who still vote Democrat and say, 'Let's see how long you last on those streets!'  And why doesn't CNN ever get out of their Atlanta headquarters and report on what's going on all around them?"

Hopkins sees her role as a "court jester to the king who can tell the truth," but she's paid dearly for her candor.  "Trump tweeted me, and my bank account got shut down.  Then Trump tweeted me again, and my husband's bank account got shut down.  I've been banned from all British and American media, including Fox News.  I'm banned from South Africa.  I was deported from Australia and banned there.  I had to sell my house to pay for legal expenses.  I've been threatened by jihadis who planned to kill me.  My children don't have my last name anymore to protect them."

"But when they take everything from you, it makes you more free.  I was supposed to be dead at 35 from my epilepsy, so all of this is extra.  They've pushed us so far, we have almost nothing left to lose.  But if you know who you are and you're proud of who you are, you can achieve anything.  That's why you're going to have a red wave on November 8th."

Photo credit: author.

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