John Fetterman's advertising caught my attention

With just over a month to go before the midterm elections, Pennsylvania is a battleground, and the evidence is everywhere. The landscape is rife with political signs, with special focus on the high-profile races like Oz and Fetterman, and Mastriano and Shapiro, races in which both Republican candidates have received a Trump endorsement.

Now, given the current state of affairs, and how deeply repugnant the identity of “Democrat” is with people like Biden, Harris, and Pelosi at the Party helm, you’d think that voting leftists would quietly mark their ballots for lunacy without advertising the fact that they are still aiding and abetting the worst administration in the history of the country — but the Democrats apparently just are that dumb.

This week, while in Pennsylvania on a hunting trip, I actually saw Fetterman signs, and they stood out for one simple reason: the color scheme is plain old black-and-white. I found that strange, because even now, when it’s more clear than ever that leftists and the Democrat party hate America and her citizens, most candidates (even the anti-American ones) opt for patriotic accents and colors, ones that represent either their state or our nation as a whole. We see a lot of red, white, and blue, and stars and stripes. But not Fetterman! Below, you’ll find a picture I took this morning:

Image taken in Danville, Pennsylvania on October 6, 2022

Then yesterday, as I scanned the news cycle, I came across an article in Politico titled, “Beto O’Rourke Is Making His Last Stand in Texas”. Again, even for an America-hating icon like Beto — let’s not forget he said, “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47” — left-wing media generated a headline that elicits themes of patriotism and iconic American character (which is, the right to self-defense and gun ownership), by using language evocative of the “last stand” at the Texas Alamo.

Truly, the left continues to offer transcendent and multi-layered examples of irony….

Again! Black-and-white signs! Until this year, I’ve never seen campaign signs that looked like this, and now twice already this election season.

My unrestrained mind went to a host of examples, all of which adopt(ed) a black-and-white marketing scheme: the German Nazi party and their black swastika on a white background; establishment media logos like The New York Times and The Washington Post; Nike’s pro-BLM advertisements with Colin Kaepernick; and even the Illuminati, which embraces the duality of the contrasting shades.

But in all likelihood, the most plausible rationale for the design choice comes down to the science of color psychology, and one of my American Thinker colleagues is actually the one who made this hilarious association:

It makes me think of the baby toys that are black and white because it’s believed they don’t process color. Is there something about the infantile mind — the kind of people who vote for Fetterman and Beto — that responds well to black-and-white signs?

Well, as it turns out, yes! Are you shocked? You shouldn’t be….

According to a prominent baby website which delved into newborn development:

Bold black-and-white images stimulate the development of the optic nerves and encourage young babies cognitive development without over-stimulating them.

Gee, that sure sounds synonymous with modern leftists…. Just like a brand new baby, you can’t overload fragile and underdeveloped nerves or a complete and total meltdown is sure to ensue….

Another platform, one hosted by experts in pediatric medicine, said:

At birth, the nerve cells in baby’s brain are disorganized and not well connected [emphasis added].

Well, apparently for some adults, that handicap persists….

Anyone that could actually vote for man who ‘hokily’ referred to himself as “Fetterwoman” at a pro-abortion rally in an attempt to score political points, really does possess the most infantile of minds.

Although none of this is conclusive, it sure does make for a fun train of thought when analyzing the creepy Democrats and their irrational minds.

Image: Governor Tom Wolf, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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