Hurricane Ian and Ukrainian money pit expose the depths of anti-American sentiment on the left

Politics is murky business, so much so, that the political establishment is collectively (and rightfully) known as The Swamp. Deciphering where loyalties and allegiances really lie is nearly impossible, the legislative and executive branches of government wage economic war via unfettered and unconstitutional spending (national debt just surpassed $31 trillion), and federal agencies would rather target conservatives than bring down actual criminals.

But the murkiness isn’t just coincidence or circumstantial, it’s a deliberate effort to conceal one simple truth: anti-American sentiments underpin the character of the political left and the modern Democrat party.

Although this likely isn’t ground-breaking news to any Constitutional conservative, recent affairs highlight how deep the hatred really runs.

Last week, Hurricane Ian devastated the Florida landscape and populace, but despite the destruction and as far as I can tell, characteristically cacophonous social justice warriors have been silent. Ironically, these SJWs are more vocal about imagined suffering than real suffering — the Supreme Court adhering to the limitations of the Constitution now equates to “the stripping of Constitutional rights”; “microaggressions”; and “implicit bias”, which means you’re a racist without even knowing it. But! This is a trait which can only be possessed if you’re White.

In fact, one of the loudest factions of virtue-signaling leftists — those residing in Martha’s Vineyard — showed more concern for illegal aliens (which wasn’t very much), than for their fellow Americans in Florida. After all, helping anyone who might be a DeSantis supporter would be antithetical to the humanitarian cause after his ‘cruel’ migrant stunt, right?

Alas, the “concern” for humanity proves to be viewed through an extremely distorted and political lens.

Additionally, Biden’s regime just announced on Tuesday, another $625 million in “aid” to Ukraine, no less than a week after $1.1 billion was already earmarked for the black hole. This is literal theft in broad daylight, and an intentional, and contemptuous slap in the face to the struggling American citizenry footing the bill — we all know much (if not all) of the money actually ends up lining the pockets of politicians who profit off of a notoriously corrupt country. Biden and his comrades in Congress are making a show of it, flaunting how much they really don’t care at all for the American people.

In a world of nations — there isn’t a one-world government yet — pro-national sovereignty is an acceptable political belief to hold, so long as it’s not pro-national sovereignty for America.

It’s okay for Ukraine to fend off Russian aggression and encroachment, because of course, borders matter; establishment media recently covered a Chicago parade celebrating Mexican independence (but independence from what, or whom?); and just a day or so ago, former NBA player Doc Rivers, said the idea of America first “scares” him, and doesn’t include Black people. Well if that were actually true, what a shame that would be, because I can’t imagine an America without my beloved Thomas Sowell.

The idea that leftists and the Democrat party is full of bleeding hearts is pure propaganda, which we all know, but as conservatives, we must set the record straight. Forcing truth into the public narrative is long overdue, and shutting up for the sake of peace with Marxists is not a winning strategy.

Image: Free image from Pixabay, no attribution required.

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