How do we keep the bonds of a nation together?

To understand the bonds of a nation, we must look at the social construct of people in a particular territory who share common history, culture, and traditions.  The foundation of the construct is dependent on the ability of a people to establish a set of values deemed immutable.  For the bond to survive, these values must be deeply rooted such that man feels compelled to cling to the nation's foundation like a newborn child to its mother.  As long as people believe in the foundational principles, a nation can survive.

Man's never-ending pursuit for freedom and prosperity convinced millions of immigrants to risk their lives and settle in this land.  America's 3,000-mile stretch of idyllic landscapes, abundant farmland, and rich natural resources were certainly contributing factors for immigration.  However, without the virtues and rights etched in America's inimitable design masterfully articulated by our founding fathers, the trip would have been futile.  Immigrants were looking for both economic and religious freedom, but what they really wanted was to bond with a nation that was in alignment with their hopes, dreams, and values.

The United States of America provided the opportunity and liberty to pursue this dream.  The inhabitants during the founding of this country and those who subsequently immigrated shared the same virtue: faith.  Faith that America represents the best flawed men could ever hope to achieve.  Faith that fallen man, through the grace of God, may live America's founding principles and seek to restore the balance between body and spirit.  Faith that America is the light of freedom illuminating the darkness surrounding tyranny.  If values are the bricks in America's foundation, faith is the cement that bonds them.

America was ordained not as the fountain of youth, but the spring of freedom.  A land content with undisturbed beauty was chosen by man to carry the burden of noble intentions in its womb.  Intentions that have given birth to both benevolent deeds and moral depravity.  With blood, sweat, and tears soaked in its soil, America was forced to bear witness and absorb the consequences of man's free will.  From the construction of cities to the ravages of war, America has carried its cross.

Although this blessed nation has endured the sins of man, it still bears the fruit of life and hope of freedom.  Between the sands of Nags Head, North Carolina, and the pristine water of Flat Head Lake, Montana is land layered in hopes, dreams, sacrifice, and sorrow.  Characters have been formed, wills have been tested, and notions of humanity shaken.

Those who view America as a land stolen and tainted by savagery, bondage, and evil ambition do not understand this nation.  No place on Earth is free from the wickedness man is capable of spreading.  Lands are conquered, soldiers die, and innocent people suffer the horror and devastation of brutality and war.  In spite of man's nature, America symbolizes the redemptive spirit and restorative light buried deep inside us.  It represents the hope for a better life and the belief that when God works through man anything is possible.

Some living in America cherish the freedoms and possibilities this country offers, while others despise its audacious independence.  Some attach to this land like a parasite feasting from the well of America's strength and prosperity without respecting the sacrifices and honor infused in the host.  Others corrupt America's legacy by tearing down the foundational beliefs proclaimed in its sacred documents.  They hope to usurp the power, wealth, and influence of our great nation.  American patriots hope to preserve the rights and freedoms endowed by Almighty God.

Caught in the crosshairs of this battle is the motherly land we call the United States of America.  The beacon of freedom that has ignited generations to achieve things never thought possible.  This land has asked for nothing, but has been demanded to carry the weight of a free people.  Like inconsiderate guests, some have disturbed the natural state of its house for their own selfish desires.  They have traded our freedoms for their power and wealth.  America deserves better.  We the people need to fight to ensure America is better.

When studying chemistry, we learn it requires energy to break bonds between atoms.  The stronger the bond, the more energy required to break the bond.  We must honor America's past and embrace its founding virtues if we have any hope of preserving the bonds keeping this nation together.  The progressive left is throwing all of their energy at trying to break the bonds that unite us.  Indoctrinating children, destroying cities, rewriting biology and history, suppressing free speech, and weaponizing governmental agencies are actions for the sole purpose of attaining their goal.

How strong is this nation's bond?  To be sure, some will say this bond is weak and there is no hope to preserve it.  To those I say, embrace the one virtue that formed the bond of this nation — faith.  If you truly believe men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, stop looking for the "holy grail" of solutions and just do something to preserve this blessed nation.  Speak out against false narratives, encourage people to vote, get involved in your community, and defend your God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The alternative is the progressive left's 1984 vision of America.  I cannot think of a better place to fight this consequential battle then in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Image: Don Hankins via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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