Google clamps down (updated)

I’m surprised that it took this long.  After returning from another fall baseball game with my just turned 14-year-old son this past weekend, I popped open my laptop to check my website, and I encountered the message below:

Of course, there is nothing on my site that would violate "Community Guidelines."  Perhaps it was my last post, which contained this tragic account:

Again, my only real surprise here is that it took Google this long to try to "cancel" me and my Christian, conservative opinions.  Google, along with most of the rest of the like-minded ilk at Big Tech, have long been engaged in a war on the truth.  I'm simply (perhaps) the next target.

Knowing well their evil intentions, I've been seriously pondering getting off Google's "Blogger" for some time now.  I just didn't want to fool with the work involved in switching website platforms.  My website (I don't consider a "blog") has only modest traffic (and it has been down a good bit in the last few months — throttled, maybe?!) — my page views are measured in the thousands each month — and generates virtually no revenue.

I had no ads on my site.  Our only income from writing is through the sale of our books.  Our book sales are also quite modest.  Thankfully, we in no way depend on our writing income to "pay the bills."  Mostly, we write because we feel compelled to speak the truth to the world using the written word.  What's more, years — more like decades now — of writing on the moral issues of our time has better equipped us as we engage the world — in whatever setting, using whatever means of communication — on these grave matters.

Additionally, as I've pondered leaving Blogger, I've also been asking the Lord if a personal website is the best use of my time.  Work, family, our roles at church, and so on have left little time lately for much writing.  Counting this post, I've had only 14 pieces on American Thinker this year, and only a few more additional columns/posts on my site.

Lastly, to those who would try to "cancel" our Christian, conservative opinions: As long as our bodies and minds are working, our writing and speaking truth on abortion, marriage, family, the evil LGBT agenda, politics, the climate, Christianity, and so on will not end.  Virtually everything I've ever written is stored electronically multiple times over (in addition to existing at American Thinker and other right-minded sites across the internet).  Even if we were "canceled" permanently, the truth will never be "canceled," and one day, we will all answer to it.

Editor's Note: Curiously, although Trevor has worked with AT hundreds of times, the email submitting this piece was festooned with WARNINGS concerning its contents and origin, something that has never occurred previously.  It seems that the Big G is nothing if not thorough.

Update: Not long after sending in my piece to AT, I got this message from Blogger: "Hello, We have re-evaluated your blog against Blogger Community Guidelines  Upon review, the blog has been reinstated.  You may access the blog at  Thank you for understanding.  Sincerely, The Blogger Team."

Trevor Grant Thomas is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America.

Image: Google.

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