First World political elites continue to assault African sovereignty

As a nation, we recently celebrated Columbus Day, excuse me, Indigenous People’s Day; after all, who could ever palate memorializing a menace like Christopher Columbus into civic recognition?

I mean, colonizers are the lowest of the low, the true scourge of humanity, right? Isn’t that what we’re taught? After all, viewing geopolitical affairs from over 500 years ago through the modern lens is completely unbiased and objective. How dare an explorer set sail, land on foreign shores, and spread Judeo-Christian culture from Europe to the Americas. Multiculturalism — an ideology spawned by intellectually-bankrupt academics — would say that no culture is better or worse than another; ergo, Columbus’ culture, one based on the value of the individual and inherent human rights, was no better than the ‘Indigenous People’s’ culture, which saw the ritual sacrifice of children at temple consecrations.

Colonialism is an evil for the ages.

Enter stage left, the Democrats.

If you recall, Obama was plagued by bad press which highlighted his murderous foreign policy, aptly named “abortion imperialism.”

In 2010,The American Spectator published an exposé by Daniel Allott:

The Obama administration has made abortion promotion a centerpiece of its diplomatic agenda. Testifying before the House Foreign Affairs Committee in April 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced, ‘We are now an administration that will protect the rights of women, including their rights to reproductive health care.

The ‘centerpiece’ of the Obama foreign policy, she continued, would be the Global Health Initiative, which commits the U.S. to spending $63 billion over six years on, among other things, abortion….

Obama’s abortion imperialism may have its greatest impact in Kenya, where the administration has spent millions to promote ratification of a national constitution that would radically liberalize the country’s abortion laws.

Abortion is illegal in Kenya except to save the life of the mother. This reflects the views of most Kenyans [particularly women], who are religious and socially conservative.

According to Allott, the language in the legal document had “the fingerprints of western abortion rights groups all over it” despite the fact the people of Kenya did not support such an agenda. A massive lobbying group known as the Center for Reproductive Rights even appealed to Clinton to “send a message to Kenya expressing support for the Draft Constitution and opposing any amendments to eliminate abortion language…”

Turns out, Obama’s legacy lives on in his creepy comrades. Two days ago, Daniel Horowitz reported that “the U.S. government and Western oligarchs are seeking to keep Africa in the dark and are using climate imperialism to do so.” Per Horowitz:

[T]he Biden administration is trying to impose the next ‘emergency’ fiat on African countries by preventing them from developing their lands and using their energy resources to power their people.

What does Biden and his troupe of clowns have to do with ‘African’ lands, ‘African’ energy resources, and’ African’ people? If self-interested elites attempting to turn foreign people into footstools doesn’t fit the definition of colonialism in action, then I don’t know what does.

So here’s what happened: This summer, the Democratic Republic of Congo put land up for auction, land which could be used to procure natural resources. Then, Biden sent in Mr. Jetset Climate Czar himself, who “implored Congo’s prime minister to back down on the auction of some of those lands” — because who do those Africans think they are trying to modernize their countries without abortion hegemony? But then, it all came to a grinding halt, when nationalist Environment Minister Eve Bazaiba “flatly declined the request” stating “Nobody can put pressure on us … no convention in the world, not even the Paris Agreement, forbids a country from emitting CO2 for development reasons[.]”

Also to be considered in the context: Despite enormous pressure from globalist bureaucrats and institutions, Horowitz noted that over the past few years, “Africa largely rejected the mRNA vaccination agenda” — turns out the people may not be as easily subjugated as the political elites of the West were hoping!

Here’s a real opportunity for those bleeding-heart college kids with enlightened minds to show the world just how much they care about ethnic injustices, but alas, silence.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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