YouTube openly collaborating with pro-murder globalists at the WHO

Yesterday, the Ruth Institute issued a press release announcing the latest round of Big Tech censorship, this time targeting scientific data regarding the dangers and fallout of the abortion procedure.  According to the release, YouTube notified the organization of the removals, stating the video platform, "does not allow content about abortion that contradicts expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO)[.]"

Founder and president Dr. Jennifer Morse explained what exactly was taken down — video interviews with leading authorities citing empirical evidence, which detailed "the increased risk of breast cancer following abortion."  In one interview, Dr. Morse spoke with Dr. Joel Brind, a graduate of Yale and New York University, and currently a professor of human biology and endocrinology and deputy chairman for biology at City University in New York.  The following two removals consisted of interviews with Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, a breast cancer surgeon who "explained the medical pathways" by which medical abortion increases breast cancer risks.

According to Dr. Morse:

WHO is a long-time supporter of abortion. They even endorsed China's notorious One Child policy, which resulted in millions of forced abortions. For YouTube to put WHO, which many view as an adjunct of Beijing, in charge of censorship is both repulsive and absurd. It might as well put censorship of pro-life views in the hands of the International Planned Parenthood Federation or the National Abortion Rights Action League.

She's absolutely right.  The WHO is notoriously pro-abortion, positing that the ritual of death is a panacea — whether it be for the "climate crisis," for food shortages, or in the name of reproductive "justice" or "freedom."  But in reality, the WHO is pro-abortion not to solve collective problems or improve the human experience.  It's pro-abortion because its pro-death.

The best example to illustrate the point is the push by Western governments (elected and unelected) to promote abortion throughout Africa, against the wishes of the citizenries.  A recent documentary by writer and presenter Obianuju Ekeocha exposed how Western entities fund and conspire with abortion organizations like Marie Stopes International (MSI) to perform illegal abortions — she labels this "ideological colonization" — and the WHO could most certainly be included on the list of perpetrators.  In a "news" post on the WHO website titled "International Safe Abortion Day," the globalist institution announced its partnership with a litany of abortion groups, one being MSI.

Ekeocha spoke to a number of post-abortive women, all suffering from the trauma of killing their unborn children.  Speaking anonymously, one mother said:

I get angry because they are getting funding to ruin my life. They've [MSI] ruined a lot of lives. I believe I'm not the first woman to go through the post-abortion stress syndrome. I am still trying to recover. They are being paid by people I consider the world's elite. I'm angry and I'm shocked at the world elite's ignorance.

If the WHO were genuinely concerned with the welfare of African women, its members would respect the "life at conception" culture's focus on uplifting women and supporting families.  But the truth is, they're population-control freak elites consumed with their culture of death.

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