Fay and Fluffy want to groom your children

I recently received a desperate message from a visitor to my Facebook page.  The message read:

Hey! I am a stay-at-home mom in Quebec, Canada. My three-year-old daughter and I accidentally saw this on Family Jr. TV today. Family TV?? This is so sick I actually have no words. ... They are trying to desensitize innocent children into self-mutilation. ... Drag queen story time has a new show on Family Jr.

My first question was, what is Family Jr. television?

Family Jr. is part of the Canadian specialty channel Family Channel and broadcasts programming aimed at children aged 2 to 7.  The channel launched in 2007 as a Canadian version of Playhouse Disney, under license from the Disney Channels Worldwide.  The channel is now owned by Corus Entertainment and airs programs such as Bob the Builder, Kate & Mim-Mim, Caillou, Dinotrux, and The Fabulous Show with Fay and Fluffy.  

Let me get this straight — a drag queen television show aimed at children ages 2 to 7?  Are you kidding?  The short answer is no, they most certainly are not kidding.  They are even promoting this depravity on news programs such as Breakfast Television.

My next question was, who are Fay and Fluffy?

"Fay Slift" (whose real name is John Paul Kane) is a kindergarten teacher with twenty years' experience.  "Fluffy Souffle" (AKA Kaleb Robertson) describes himself as a "cultural producer," whatever that means.  Robertson also describes himself as "queer, trans, and a body positive activist who produces and hosts events, DJs, and does workshops and speaking engagements."

Just a couple of normal, harmless guys just having a good time wearing fancy dresses and flashy makeup, correct?  It's all in fun, right?  If you listen to the lamestream media, that's exactly what you'd think.  "Drag duo Fay and Fluffy are a beacon of light for young hearts and minds," gushes CBC Arts.  "There's a new Canadian kid's show starring drag performers and we love it," exclaims Today's Parent, and "Fay and Fluffy will spread their message of inclusivity, kindness, and being proud of who we are from their colourful, Cabaret-themed set.  Each episode, they'll read picture books and discuss a variety of topics, like self-esteem, sharing, loss and sadness, and expressing one's uniqueness."

Fay and Fluffy present themselves as a couple of kind-hearted souls dedicated to improving childhood literacy.  "So many people out there hating on what we do — attacking us as people, attacking me for being trans, attacking us for working with kids.  For them to attack that and put such a disgusting negative spin on our relationships with kids really cuts deep.  It's really hard.  I think that we're both very sensitive people, which can be hard," says Robertson.

However, when it comes to inclusivity, Fay and Fluffy don't exactly practice what they preach.  The duo ended their relationship with the Toronto Public Library because the library refused to cancel a speech by feminist Meghan Murphy, and the men who like to dress up like women felt threatened by a real woman.  Robertson melodramatically announced that he could not continue to have a relationship with a space that would have the audacity to also allow someone "actively fighting to take away my legal rights as a human" to speak.  "It would feel like we were taking money from an organization that doesn't feel safe for everybody."

Wait a minute — the library was paying these degenerates to groom preschool-aged children?  Are libraries in Canada funded by taxpayer dollars?  Might as well set the money on fire.

In her own defense, Murphy said, "Feminists built and funded transition houses for women escaping male violence ... and now we're being told that having spaces for women to protect them from male violence is bigoted."  She also said, "I'm not interested in stopping anyone from having surgery or hormones if they feel that's making their lives better, and certainly people should be able to wear what they want and express themselves in ways that make them feel fulfilled and living authentic lives.  But once it became about laws and legislation and gender replacing sex it became clear to me that this would have a real impact on women's rights and spaces."  If battered women cannot go to a shelter where men are not allowed (and this includes men who believe they are women), they aren't as safe as they need to be.

Drag performers wear outlandish clothes and over-the-top makeup because they demand our attention.  Drag queens who specifically target children who are pre-kindergarten to first grade are especially dangerous groomers looking to normalize their deviant lifestyle.  Even the books they choose to read deliver an unsubtle message of indoctrination of accepting and normalizing every difference, no matter if by genetics or by choice.

Make no mistake about it: Fay and Fluffy are nothing but a pair of predators.  They are after your young children and getting broadcast right into 4 million Canadian homes.

That young stay-at-home mom from Quebec was right to be worried.

John Leonard is a freelance writer.  His seventh book, The God Conclusion, is available on Amazon.  His other books can be found at LeonardBooks.net.

Image: CP24 via YouTube, CC BY 3.0 (cropped).

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