Does it matter which megalomaniac is behind the curtain?

George Soros with his Open Society money plus the Chicago Marxist contingency of Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Penny Pritzker, and Barack Obama are five people I'm inclined to group as the Biden puppet masters.  Is there a pecking order among them?  Does it matter?  I suppose it matters to these individual megalomaniacs, but to anyone else?  No.  Just get that totalitarian state up and running.  Maybe it will matter when all nations are under someone's thumb and one of those thumbs wants to be the one-world Big Thumb.  Not to worry — I'm positive the Big Thumb will be chosen by consensus.

Back in the '90s, my father casually commented, "Clinton [Bill] wants to be president of the world."  A light came on; I'm not thinking big enough.  To look back, Bill and Hillary were the power-hungry transitionalists too early to the game.  Their flaws were parochial ruthlessness and being irritatingly petty.  If one wants to be king of the new world order, one doesn't waste time taking the White House china when one moves out, as they did.  With the tech boom, the Clinton's "apotheosis syndrome" spread with the wildfire of social media.  Egos mushroomed, and Andy Warhol's uncanny prediction that "in the future everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes" came true. 

Barack Obama still believes he was adored.  He was just the swooned-over Democrat choice redeeming white liberal guilt with nothing to show for it.  He was the darling in the moment who would win.  No one actually cherishes him now, but he is still voracious.  He, like Soros, longs to be The Man with cohorts at the center of a radical worldview responsible for ushering in utopia.  Soros, of course, is too old.  Obama is not, but again, so what?

When the roll-out of Marxist world upheaval and chaos begins, does it matter an iota who the instigators are?  "I'm so glad it was Obama and not  someone else who took away our freedoms."  Maybe it matters to Michael Moore Hollywood types who book World Dictator Tours.  Only the henchmen and the gullible care.

A "great reset" dictator's first mission is to confiscate everyone's free agency.  People end up doing things they don't want to do, mostly against their core values, and then remark, "I mean, what choice did I have?"  Unless it's about abortion, "choice" is not something megalomaniac types and dictators want Americans to possess.  Eliminating choice is about Marxist behavior modification.  Free agency protections halt the modification process.  The FBI's raids are foundationally a free agency elimination tactic.  They are a middle finger to our Bill of Rights, which secures free agency for all Americans. 

Once our Bill of Rights is erased, or it's suspended, or it exists in name only, our free agency is done for.  The trends of the moment will dictate what we do or don't do, what we can or can't do.  At that point, who will reverence any allegiance to such legal ephemera?  Governor Tarkin (Peter Cushing) in Star Wars said it best: "fear will keep the locals in line."

Image: World Economic Forum via Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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