Where have all the white supremacists gone?

All I ever hear about these days, living as I do in the belly of the liberal beast, is the frightening scourge of white supremacism in America!  To which I invariably respond, "And who exactly are these white supremacists of which you speak?  And where do they shop?"

Various responses to that question can all be paraphrased as, "I don't actually know any, just that there's lots and lots of them out there!"

That got me to thinking.  I don't believe I've ever met or spoken to a single self-avowed white supremacist.  I've heard people loudly claim every amoral, strange, or bizarre belief under the sun, people of all races, creeds, and colors. I've known addicts, criminals, shysters, and dentists with shaky hands.  I've had conversations with homeless folks and a State Supreme Court justice, and all in the same day!

Yet I've never met a white supremacist.  Where are they hiding?  In medicine, dentistry, or law?  Nope, admissions to those schools have been weighted against whites for decades now: no white supremacy there.


While I'm unaware whether or not your typical Tinseltown producer or director is a white supremacist, every cast of every movie made today resembles a cocktail party at the U.N., something your humble yet omniscient narrator has actually experienced and enjoyed.  Suffice it to say that when it comes to casting movies, white supremacists are clearly nonexistent in the film industry.

How about in the NBA?  Any white supremacists there?

Ha, ha, I jest!  Maybe Donald Sterling, but they sure got rid of him real quick.

Any white supremacists in the White House?  Well, sure, there's Crusty Joe, proud of his friendship back in the day with segregation-loving senators and an actual white supremacist, Sen. Robert Byrd (D-KKK).  And there's "Dr." Jill, who compared Hispanics to breakfast tacos.  So that's two.

But everyone else in the Brandon administration can credibly claim to be some sort of victim, protected class, or bizarre gender — or, in Admiral "Rachel" Levine's case, all three.  So, very little white supremacy in the Executive Branch.

How 'bout the Supreme Court?  Our newest African-American justice was chosen based on her skin color, not to mention that she's a woman, whatever that is!  White people couldn't even apply, clearly demonstrating an utter lack of white supremacism in the highest court in the land, and the Judiciary in general.

Are there any white supremacists in the corporate media?  It would appear not, since, on any given day, there are various and sundry screeds presented about just how inherently wicked and wanton Whitey is, how utterly irredeemable and deserving of punishment for past offenses.  At present, it's perfectly fine for anyone in the media to scream calumny, threats, and falsehoods against those of the Caucasian persuasion.  Can't be many white supremacists in the media.

Is there still a KKK?  Is anyone in it except for Democrats?  Do the Feds often dress up like white supremacists for the fake-news media to film and feature?  Can we completely ignore the non-frightening and minuscule "scourge" of the KKK in America?

Yes, no, yes, and absolutely.

Why, it almost seems as if the threat from white supremacism is made up, merely a figment of the twisted liberal imagination.

If there are any white supremacist groups of note in the U.S., they should definitely fire their P.R. guy.  Like, what are the major white supremacist dating sites?

Where are the white supremacist lawn signs proclaiming, "Come Join Us, Hate Has a Home Here!"?

The cruise ship tours featuring noted white supremacist speakers, hoods not included?  The white supremacist basketball leagues, where dunking is strictly verboten?  The current best-selling books, songs, and poems promoting white supremacy?

Ain't any.


A cynical person might say Democrats promote fear of imaginary white supremacists as a tool to control minorities.  And that the Dems first demean minorities with the message that they (folks "of color") cannot possibly get by without government largesse, a disempowering notion if ever there was one.  Then the Democrats literally demonize their political opposition, calling them devils, extremists, and white supremacists, unworthy of the minority vote.

Finally, the party of donkeys — the same Democrats currently running our ship of state into a stone jetty at about 50 knots — purposely lies about the number, reach, and threat magnitude of white supremacists just so it can stay in power.

Think of that.  The Democrats create and promote racial discord simply so fat-cat Democrat politicians, their families, and their friends can continue feeding at the tony government trough.  And they don't give a hoot about the minorities who suffer terribly from Democrat policies and the soft bigotry of low expectations.

I've never once heard from a white supremacist, not even in my crazy email inbox, which currently features a query from some mail-order bride outfit in Azerbaijan and a pitch for pre-payment of my eventual interment.  Makes me think the people whining the loudest about all those horrible white supremacists are the very ones you have to watch out for.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

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