The seeds of fascism

In their attempts to secure political power, leftist elitists are doing more to sow the seeds of fascism than extinguish it.

The left's current prophecy of doom is that the "MAGA" movement is a grave threat to democracy, propelling the nation into fascism.  Their knee-jerk reaction is intended to attack and destroy Donald Trump, leader of the insurrection.  The latest ploy, initiated by the New York attorney general, is to sue the Trump organization for fraudulent loan procurement practices, a suit apparently not raised by any of the principals involved, but by her.  Eliminating Trump will eliminate the specter of fascism.  Did killing Lincoln restore the Confederacy?

Perhaps a more thoughtful approach would be to take a moment to identify and define those societal perturbations that might enable fascism to gain a foothold and to take measures to resolve them, rather than dueling with windmills.  But that would present a dilemma for the left and our ruling elites.

Fascism will fester in nations in which the ruling class are unable to establish political solidarity and in which there is a yearning for national unity and strong leadership.  It is largely leftist policy that has progressively eroded national unity — identity politics, cancel culture, suppression of free speech as "disinformation," attacks on "white supremacy," woke progressive intimidation, debasing of conservatives as bigoted, racist deplorables.  The left declares America to be a racist nation founded on slavery whose founding principles are flawed, a nation guilty of xenophobia and capitalistic colonialism.  "Change America!" is its rallying cry.  National unity to the left is one-party rule.  Divide and conquer.

Although Americans embrace our governmental structure, we are not overly impressed with its performance.  Congressional approval is currently 17%.  Presidential approval is 39%.  Twenty-nine percent of Democrats and 9% of Republicans trust the government (Pew).  Hardly confirmation of strong representative leadership.

Present-day America is a bitterly divided nation led by elitists more interested in political careers than politics.  In their attempts to secure and hold political power, our leftist elitists are doing more to sow the seeds of fascism than extinguish it.  That is what gave rise to Trumpism in the first place.  Will our leadership take steps to restore national solidarity and public confidence in government?  What better defense against fascism? 


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