The fascist American left

Joe Biden's labeling of Trump-supporters as "semi-fascist" is yet another example of the strategy of "projection" — accusing the opponents of the progressive left of the very things the left is guilty of.  In point of fact, today's American left has become explicitly fascist.

Last May, Stephen B. Young posted on these pages a detailed explanation of the ways in which modern American leftism meets the criteria of fascism, as explained by historian Karl Polanyi and

Mussolini's pamphlet The Doctrine of Fascism (1932), the 25-point program (1920) of the German Workers Party (which was soon renamed the National Socialist German Workers Party) and the 1919 Manifesto of Mussolini's new Fascist Party in Italy[.]

If you want to be able to argue the point that the left is fascist today, Steve's article is a great preparation.  Read it here.

Logo of Mussolini's National Fascist Party, taken from a party membership card dated 1930:


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