The Democrats want a one-party system

During last week's White House press briefing, Fox News's Peter Doocy questioned press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about an old tweet.

In 2016, almost six weeks after Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton, Jean-Pierre tweeted the following

Doocy reminded Jean-Pierre of the following: "You tweeted Trump stole an election.  You tweeted that Brian Kemp stole an election.  If denying election results is extreme now, why wasn't it then?"

"Let's be really clear: That comparison you just made is ridiculous," Jean-Pierre replied.

She claimed to be "talking specifically at that time of what was happening with voting rights and the — what was in danger of voting rights."

But Jean-Pierre was merely a foot soldier who was assiduously following the Democrat groupthink that Trump was an illegitimate president. 

Virtually all Democrats endorsed the following unsubstantiated claims regarding Trump's victory:

  • Trump colluded with the Russians.
  • Trump-supporters voted based on bigotry.
  • Ignoramus voters were conned by Trump and fake news.
  • There was widespread voter suppression.
  • Comey's presser announcing investigations into Hillary enabled a Trump victory.
  • Voters were enamored of Trump's reality shows.

In May 2017, then–House minority leader Nancy Pelosi tweeted the following:

"Nice guy" Jimmy Carter claimed that Trump lost the elections but was installed by the Russians.  Joe Biden also called Trump illegitimate, and so did Democrat Rep. John Lewis.  Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler refused to attend Trump's inauguration for the same reason.  

Democrats also attempted to rig the Electoral College.  A host of Democrats and former celebrities appeared in a PSA urging members of the Electoral College not to cast their votes for President-Elect Trump, despite the fact that he had the votes.

Democrats rioted across America after Trump's victory.  There was a women's march where former pop star Madonna said she wanted to blow up Trump's White House.

Their most audacious election-denying disinformation campaign was the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

Bitter loser Hillary called Trump an illegitimate president; she was the prime proponent of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.  Democrat bomb-throwers such as Adam Schiff claimed to have evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.  Eric Swalwell claimed that Trump acted on Russia's behalf

On MSNBC, prime-time hosts peddled conspiracy theories insinuating that Russia had actively conspired to put Trump in the White House.  They even accused Trump of being a Russian asset.  They claimed he was a Manchurian candidate installed in the Oval Office to work for Putin.

The disinformation campaign caused the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller, whose team was composed solely of Trump-haters for his probe.  The probe hung like a sword over the Trump presidency for the next 22 months and cost taxpayers approximately $40 million.

They persecuted political adversaries and attempted to criminalize political opposition.

Throughout the "investigation," the FBI and Justice Department leaked "bombshells" to the media.  The media then claimed that the "walls are closing in" and Trump would be forced to resign.

The probe cleared Trump, but the probe report was purposefully worded ambiguously in order to allow speculation that Trump had indeed colluded with Putin but had left no proof of it.   This was to leave an opening for conspiracy theorists.

It wasn't just the 2016 elections.

Following her 2018 gubernatorial loss, former Georgia House minority leader Stacey Abrams refused to concede to the winner, Brian Kemp.  On myriad occasions subsequently, she claimed that she had won and that she was proud she hadn't conceded.  Abrams even announced plans to sue over the way the state's elections were managed.  Abrams was celebrated and called a hero by the Democrats.

Abrams still stands by her refusal to concede, but like Karine Jean-Pierre, she is attempting to deny and revise history.

I acknowledge that [Kemp] won, but I will never say that a system that is broken — that denied people their right to vote — is the right thing to have in the state and as part of democracy.

Recently, Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-Texas), who lost to Rep. Mayra Flores (R-Texas) in a special election in Texas's 34th Congressional District, accused Flores of stealing the election from him.

There was no evidence that the 2016 presidential election or the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election or a special election in Texas's 34th Congressional District was rigged.

Yet the Democrats claim these contests were stolen.

What happened during the 2020 elections?

Big media and Big Tech suppressed the Hunter Biden scandal that revealed the shady business dealings of Hunter Biden enabled by his father Joe Biden.  A poll revealed that 16% of Biden voters would have voted differently had they known of Hunter's laptop.

The sacrosanct electoral infrastructure of the 2020 elections was infiltrated by Democrat activists.  A record-breaking 64 million Americans cast their ballots by mail, many prior to Election Day.  Unmonitored private drop boxes for ballots that are vulnerable to fraud were allowed.

Yet Democrats are vehement about the legitimacy of the election.

Anybody who expresses doubts about the 2020 elections is called a conspiracy theorist, while skeptics who attend a protest are called insurrectionists.

The Democrats are hence running two disinformation campaigns in parallel.

For one campaign, elections are foolproof and sacrosanct to the function of a democracy.  Anybody who claims that an election can be rigged is a conspiracy theorist and a semi-fascist.

For another campaign, elections can easily be compromised by nefarious foreign powers or by voter suppression.  Anybody who claims that an election cannot be rigged is a conspiracy theorist and a semi-fascist.

This could be baffling for the average Democrat-supporter.

So let's make it even simpler.

The Democrats are saying that election results are legitimate only when they win.

There is also a two-tier system for election skeptics.

An unarmed January 6 protester was shot dead, and another committed suicide, while others are subjected to subhuman prison conditions.

What happened to Jean-Pierre, who peddled baseless Democrat conspiracy theories about elections?  She is Biden's press secretary, spreading disinformation on a national stage.

In addition to running disinformation campaigns regarding electoral results, the Democrats regularly target political opponents.

MAGA Republicans are called a "threat to democracy."  Dissenting citizens were branded as domestic terrorists.  They tried to set up a "Disinformation Governance Board" to monitor the utterances of citizens, which they now claim is suspended.  They baselessly raided the home of their prime political opponent, Donald Trump, and spread wild conspiracy theories about it.

This isn't a recent tactic.  Obama's IRS was weaponized to target conservatives.  Obama also targeted journalists who were critical of him.

The Democrats are also using other ploys.

They open up the border to allow an uncontrolled influx of foreigners.  They secretly transport these migrants to swing states.  The goal is to give them voting rights, knowing they will vote Democrat and drown the impact of Republican voters.

The electoral system that is the foundation of democracy is being attacked by the Democrats on several fronts.

The end goal is to have a one-party system; there will be elections, but like in California and New York, only Democrats will win.

This is a Democrat dream, which will be a nightmare for the nation.

Will the GOP bring a stop to this after winning during the midterms?

Let's be cautious and not blindly optimistic.

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