The Democrat playbook is always the same

As the media and other Democrats say they want to unite the country, we see a rather unique way of achieving that "unity."

Obama said we cling to our religion and guns.

Biden and others compared Tea Party members who wanted smaller government and lower taxes to domestic terrorists.

Hillary called us deplorable, xenophobes, homophobes, and whatever other phobe she could think of.

Parents who dared to have a say in their children's education were compared to domestic terrorists.

We are frequently referred to as "right-wing extremists."

Republicans who question an election where many states broke their laws, where there was ballot-harvesting, and where the media, the FBI, intelligence officials, and other Democrats buried the truth about Biden family corruption are called election deniers and election liars.

Biden said that Blacks who don't vote for him "ain't Black."  Who knew that all Blacks were supposed to think alike?

People who tell the truth that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally are called climate change deniers and anti-science.

Liz Cheney calls us sick.

If you challenged the unscientific rhetoric and dictatorial edicts — including the vaccine — on COVID, you were said to want people to die.

Biden called us semi-fascists.  (My guess is he has no idea what that definition would be.)

And of course we are consistently called "racists" and "really stupid[.]"

Democrats sure as heck don't want to campaign on their extreme policy objectives, so they resort to name-calling.  Here is a partial list of their radically unpopular policies:

Higher taxes.  The government is already collecting record revenue from the taxpayers, so it is detrimental to raise rates.

More regulations.  Trump's policies were lifting all boats — we had energy independence, poverty hit record lows, and we had low inflation.  Democrats clearly don't care about the non-elites, or they would emulate Trump's policies instead of reversing them.

Destruction of the oil, natural gas, and coal industries.  Democrats want to force the poor and middle class to buy expensive electric cars powered by flammable pollutants, but they put no limits on private jets, yachts, or the number and size of mansions the rich own.  It is all for show and control.  They don't care about carbon footprints if you're an elite.

No right-to-work states telling voters they shouldn't have the freedom to be non-union, and point out that it's simply the prevailing wage laws that have been on the books for ninety years.  At least be transparent and tell the public that the "prevailing wage laws" were passed to prevent Blacks from competing in a White marketplace:

A relic of an era when laws were passed to prevent blacks from competing for economic opportunities, the Davis-Bacon Act has racist origins [emphasis added] and continues today to have a devastating impact on economic outsiders.

Open borders.  Brag that you don't enforce immigration laws and that your policies have made the cartels very rich with human- and drug-smuggling.

Soft-on-crime D.A.s.  Make sure the voters know that you support no-bail laws to allow career criminals to roam the streets, terrorizing cities.

Sanctuary cities and states.  Tell the voters that politicians in cities and states should be able to ignore federal immigration laws.

Forgiving student loans.  Tell the poor and middle class why it is so important to forgive loans for college graduates who make more than they do.

Abortion on demand with no limits.  Instead of telling the public they support abortion at any time and withholding care for newborns, they use the euphemism "reproductive choice."

They should be forthright about disproportionately targeting Black and Brown babies for abortion and tell the voters why that is good for minorities.

Maybe Liz Cheney should be asked if she thinks Democrats who support the withholding of health care from viable children are "sick."

Restricting gun ownership, and infringing on the right that "shall not be infringed."

Supreme Court liberals.  Tell the voters that you support courts and regulators being able to make laws, instead of confining laws to the legislative bodies like the Constitution requires.

Federal control of elections.  No photo IDs to vote, and pro-ballot-harvesting.

Men competing with women in sports and men sharing locker rooms with little girls.  Tell the voters that you support Biden's dictatorial actions to withhold school lunch money from schools that don't comply.  That you don't care if it violates girls' privacy rights.

Building up Iran.  Explain why it is a good idea to help Iran when the mullahs pledge death to America and Israel and sponsor terrorism around the world.

No school choice for poor and minority kids, no matter how much it helps them.

Obamacare.  Tell everyone that he should not have a choice as to what type of insurance to buy.

My body, my choice?  Tell women that you don't believe they have a right to refuse a vaccine, and termination is reasonable if they choose to exercise bodily autonomy.  Explain to them why that doesn't violate Democrat talking points that women can do whatever they want with "their" bodies.

Democrats support the most unaccepted policies and disparage all people with opposing thoughts.

Democrats are allowed to take kickbacks from foreign countries and abuse as many women as they want.  All that matters to the media and other Democrats is political power at any cost.

Trump worked hard to return power, money, and freedom back to the people, and the Democrats worked hard to falsely label him as a dictator and fascist.

Biden and other Democrats seek to move the power and money toward the few political elites, to make more people dependent on the government — yet they pretend they are for freedom.  They are the authoritarian party.

Image: Office of Nancy Pelosi, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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