Kamala Harris meets with Hispanic political figures, encourages them to murder their offspring

They really can't help themselves.  Last Friday, Hispanic state legislators accepted an invite from Kamala Harris to meet at the White House and discuss avenues to promote the slaughter in their very own familial communities.  According to state representative Angela Romero from Utah, "[Harris] really wanted to address abortion and abortion access and how it impacts the Latinx community[.]"

Historically, the Hispanic community has always voted Democrat — a trend that is rapidly changing.  Just two months ago, Mayra Flores became the first Republican to win in a Democrat stronghold district since 1870 — and the district is 84.54% Hispanic.

Hispanic Americans constitute a massive voting bloc.  Both sides of the aisle know it, but one party is digging its heels in, demanding subjugation rather than trying its hand at representation.  (Take a wild guess which one that might be.)  Last month, The Economist ran a piece titled "Democrats have a Hispanic problem," while just a few weeks ago, NPR published an article with the headline "Hispanic and minority voters are increasingly shifting to the Republican party."

Hispanic culture is largely rooted in the Catholic faith, with most being staunchly anti-abortion, and fiercely protective over family.  I recall a few years back, I attended a school board meeting for the Tucson Unified School District.  The school board was attempting to implement a salacious and quite literally pornogrpahic "sexual education" curriculum in the elementary schools — this was before school board meetings were the battleground they are now.  Lo and behold, the Tucson Hispanic community showed up en masse and, as it should be, bent the school administrators to the will of the parents:

When the Hispanic community, especially the pastors and ministry leaders of that community, got wind of what TUSD was trying to do and what was in the curriculum, they mobilized and they were angry[.] They were upset because this was an assault on their family. This was an assault on their culture that's deeply pro-family and pro-faith.

Yet the Democrats continue to force-feed a culture of death to a culture that has profound respect for the sanctity of human life — and it's going to cost them big time this November.  Hispanic voters most certainly reject appeals to murder their own progeny, and it looks as though they're about to jettison the Democrat party as a whole.

Image: Wayne Evans, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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